A love letter to all who fight at #leardblockade from Maules Creek farmer eco-warrior Ros Druce


Dedicated to all Earth Warriors, past and present, protecting the Leard State Forest

As the Leard Campaign strives to save the tiny creatures with no defence against the cold steel of a metal monster, the camp warriors regroup.

This has been a long and tenacious fight to save a precious piece of forest that has no one, I say that again -no one – but the good people who have given so much of their time to stand against a mining company hell bent on digging down deep beneath mother earth to gain the fruits of centuries of carbon sequestration by these tall and magnificent and indefensible TREES!

These amazing souls, my friends forever, have come from all walks of life.

They have put themselves last and the forest and wildlife first.

There is a passion that drives them on to continue day and night, and it is this passion and courage that connects us all and continues to infiltrate my very being. The commitment to continue no matter what obstacles are laid before them means they always come through with a plan!

A circle of like-minded people sit around the fireside each night sharing their thoughts and plans, meals and events of the day. It goes deeper than just the conversation – it is here that the connection of a group determined to do what is right by the environment and protect it for future posterity for all to enjoy, as they have had the pleasure of doing, is forged.

The selflessness of this band of individuals, each and every-one playing their part in the most effective and best way they know how, has managed to stave off this mining monster that is driven by greed and deceit. As the forest starts falling, the fight is not over, and as the camp numbers swell there is a renewed enthusiasm to push even harder than before.

The metal monsters of this man-made world are being used against the most defenceless of all, the Leard State Forest and the bats, birds and all creatures with no hope of escape from Bulldozers and excavators.

Last night we sat silent around a fire and remembered two people who touched our lives at #leardblockade, our friends and comrades no longer on this earth walk but are with us in spirit. As the embers of the fire died down in the centre of this circle of warriors, one by one they shared their most inner feelings, thoughts and hopes for the future. The connection with all that is seen and unseen is the bond that keeps this amazing team of incredible people going.

There is no thought of defeat, as those who have chosen this path of protection for all that can’t defend themselves are Earth Warriors who will never give up.

I have the greatest admiration for these brave people and what they have chosen to do, and I thank them.

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  1. Nettescape says

    I agree with you Ros, they’re such honest, hardworking, ethical people. They give me hope that we will save a lot of the things that we love about the Earth for future generations. Go hang about at Camp Wando, you people who love life and our planet, it’s good therapy for climate change induced depression. Help these lovely people save the things you love and need, like water, air, tall trees and little furry animals.

  2. beautiful words, befitting wonderful humans and a cause that is at the heart of our humanity and our planet’s future