Adam Blakester taking on Barnaby Joyce: @CharliCaruso #NewEnglandVotes #podcast

@CharliCaruso’s interview with New England Independent candidate @adamblakester, in which the conversation touched on the major issues and concerns facing Barnaby Joyce’s electorate, New England, NSW. Charlie and Adam explored the greater state of political dysfunction in Australia, the challenges and disadvantages Independents face when campaigning against the major parties, and why despite the difficulties, being an Independent representative for the electorate is a worthwhile pursuit in the name of democracy.

There’s such dysfunction in the Federal Parliament and particularly in New England where our incumbent member is Barnaby Joyce, that I felt now was the time to engage with politics directly for the first time in my life and my career

Adam Blakester

“The state of affairs at the moment is so dire and so concerning that I felt now was the time to put myself forward as a candidate”

Adam Blakester

Part of the dysfunction, in my view, of political and public governance in Australia is the bias and conflicts of interests that are playing out and rather than having an Australian parliament which is working in the best interests of the country and the various electorates that make up the country, we have a parliament that is overwhelmingly dominated by party interests rather than relevant country interests.

Adam Blakester

Find out more about Adam’s federal campaign on his website.

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