Amanda Best – Family First


What is your vision for Forde?

See the people of Forde have affordable living, cut red tape for small business & see that cultural diversity is integrated well and celebrated.

What do you see as the most important issues for the people of Forde?

Cost of living, road and rail infrastructure, cultural diversity and dealing with this to have positive integration.

What’s most important to you personally?

Strong families, connected community and developing national strategies for strength.

Why are you the person to deliver?

Strong leadership, good values and no nonsense follow through.

What will change if you are elected?

Incentives for small business and strong community consideration. If elected I am there to serve the community.

What will stay the same?

The celebration of cultural heritage and inclusions of new diverse cultures that are being established.

In order to deliver on your vision – what hard realities must the people of Forde face?

The national budget is tight and this means that promises must be realistic and not just elaborate statements.

What can you offer that the other candidates cannot?

A fresh, new perspective.

How will you deliver on your vision depending on the outcome of the election?

I am optimistic I will deliver and work hard as already stated.


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  1. joy cooper says

    You did try Stephanie but it would be extremely difficult to interview someone who had memorised their party’s manifesto & spouted it on cue. Quite a few billboard-type slogans there, as well.