Anthony Pesec stands up for ACT Senate: @margokingston1 #ACTvotes #podcast

Anthony Pesec (@anthonypesec) was born and raised in Canberra before studying civil engineering in Sydney. His subsequent MBA studies led to a career in investment banking, and he later established a successful corporate finance consultancy firm in Croatia. Now, he’s back in Canberra in the Weston Creek area where he grew up, with his eyes firmly set on winning a Senate seat for the ACT as an Independent.

Anthony spoke with No Fibs founder Margo Kingston (@margokingston1) about his campaign and why he felt the time for complaining about the state of politics had run its course, and that he should stand up to improve the current state of politics.

Passionate about real action on climate change, Anthony established a renewable energy business in 2015.

I’m sick of the ideological discussions about something that should be objectively discussed.

Anthony Pesec

I don’t think that the Liberal Party has represented people well here in Canberra.

Anthony Pesec

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