Anthony Pesec’s battle for the second ACT senate seat: @margokingston1 #SenateVotes #podcast

Anthony Pesec. Photo: supplied

Margo Kingston (@margokingston1) checks in with Anthony Pesec (@anthonypesec) — Independent candidate for the second ACT senate seat — as federal election day looms. They discuss the importance and value of strategically voting in order to defeat hard-right Liberal, Zed Seselja, who hasn’t attended a single meet-the-candidates forum.

Zed Seselja is widely known for going against the will of the electorate on the marriage equality plebiscite despite promising beforehand to honour the outcomes of the vote.

Margo discusses the situation in Canberra, where there are seven groups on the Senate ballot.

There are the Liberal, Labor, the Greens and myself, and then after that they have the United party, which is I think if there is one place in Australia where they’re not really going to do well it will be here. Fraser Anning has put together a nationwide party, and I’ll be surprised if he gets 19 votes here in Canberra; and then there’s Sustainable Australia – who don’t really have much of a profile here in Canberra. There are three unendorsed senate candidates here in Canberra, which, being below the line and running with a very low budget, they might get fractions of a per cent each.

Anthony Pesec

I think its been quite encouraging for voters to see there are a number of sensible people willing to put their hand up, people from various careers and walks of life coming with a lot of experience, willing to contribute to public service with what they know and their experiences.

Anthony Pesec

It’s not like Bill Shorten’s leading the party the right way, it’s that the Liberal Party have completely self-destructed.

Anthony Pesec

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