Anti fracking protest targets Buru Energy in Perth: Rick Hoyle – Mills @RickHM reports

Rick Hoyle-Mills

Rick Hoyle-Mills

Day job: Winemaker based in Margaret River, W. A. Interested in social justice, refugee rights, a real NBN, science and sound government policy. Keen No Fibs citizen journo. B Ag. Sc.(Oen)
Rick Hoyle-Mills
- 15 mins ago
Rick Hoyle-Mills

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  1. Chris Doonan says

    Thankyou for your courage and for standing for what you believe in

    • Thanks Chris, it is made much easier when you get to meet such inspirational young leaders like George and Daphne.

  2. Rosemary Smith says

    Stand tall and proud and thank you for your good work with informing the CBD of Perth.
    Each one of us can play their part, start by divesting from Banks and Super Funds who fund the fossil fuel industry.
    We all know there is a better way to obtain energy and maintain job security.

    • Hi Rosemary, you are so right and the inspirational climate warriors are sure getting the message out!