Mix and mingle for forum season: @davelennonabc reports on #MalleeVotes

A funny thing happened on the way to the forum… ah, but which forum? That is the question. There have been so many since forum season started in Mildura an eternity ago, or so it seems. Since then there have been forums throughout the length and breadth of the electorate. Last Thursday was Horsham’s turn […]

Playtime is over as @malleeray gets the message out there: @davelennonabc reports on #MalleeVotes

Seven’s Sunrise program likes to have ‘personalities’ on to dissect the big issues of the day, which can turn out to be little more than: “Did you see that dress she wore?” On Saturday, one of the topics was the leaders’ debate the previous evening. Chris Smith bemoaned the fact that because it was on […]

Having ‘the chat’ with rusted-ons, and other mysteries: @davelennonabc reports on #MalleeVotes with @malleeray

There’s no question that for any Independent hoping to dislodge a Nat from a safe seat you have to get some of the rusted-ons to rust off. The theory is a lot easier than the practice. There are a few announcements coming on that front from the @malleeray camp but at this stage I can […]

A forum, the future and covering all base camps on the #MalleeVotes campaign: @davelennonabc with @malleeray

I missed the first forum of the campaign in Mildura but got to Nhill. Let’s talk Nhill, I mentioned it briefly in the piece about Pyramid Hill but it is a truly remarkable community, another that has reversed its fortunes by embracing migrants and the economic opportunities they bring. At Nhill it is the Karen […]

#MalleeVotes will not be ignored: @davelennonabc reports on Ray Kingston’s clarion call #CampaignInsiders

I’ve been to a few election campaign launches over the journey: some slick, some frankly embarrassing, but I’ve never been to one like this. The Independent Voice for Mallee, Ray Kingston, chose the local bowling club at Rupanyup during the Dirt Music festival to make his case to be the next MP for the electorate. […]

You’re invited to back the beard! We’re launching Ray Kingston @malleeray: @davelennonabc reports on #MalleeVotes

Back the Beard! Ray Kingston The Independent for Mallee will officially launch his campaign this Sunday, April 7, at 6pm live at the Rupanyup Bowling Club. If you can’t be there it will be live streamed here or you can watch it later at the same link. You’ve heard too much over the years from […]

Florries, family ties, pelicans and wheelie bins for @malleeray in #malleevotes: @davelennonabc reports

It was a funny old week during which not a lot happened publicly, apart from preparations continuing behind the scenes for that moment Scomo says go! The big difference was that unlike last week — when it took a 6am start to allow time to drive over to Kerang and Pyramid Hill — this time […]

Would it kill you to listen? On the campaign trail with @malleeray #malleevotes: @davelennonabc reports

After a week in the shearing shed Ray Kingston (@MalleeRay) the Independent for Mallee kicked off Saturday in a cafe at Kerang just talking to people who wanted to have a chat about their concerns. Next came the Kerang Markets, which spread along the walkway in a lush park just across the road from the […]

A quarter of a million dollars? Tell him he’s dreamin’: @davelennonabc reports from inside @malleeray’s #MalleeVotes campaign

The other weekend — as is my wont — I was reclining on the chaise longue at Chateau Lennon, a flute of Moet in hand, when the butler brought in the freshly-ironed copy of the The Saturday Paper. Its lead article was the tale of Damien Hodgkinson, the campaigner behind Phelps, Banks and Steggall. I […]

Politics can wait, there’s shearing to be done as @malleeray takes a break from the #malleevotes campaign: @Davelennonabc on the trail

The Ballet of the Shearing Shed… I went to get these shots, it was my first visit to a shearing shed since I was a teenager and three things struck me: it was hot, it was busy and everyone knew their roles in a comparatively small space, moving with surprising speed and agility to get […]