Blasting the #MarchInMarch partisan myths: @jansant reports


By Wayne Jansson  @jansant

13th March 2014

March in March (MiM) has now grown to 31 events across the country, the main Facebook page has more than 42,000 likes, and growing.

Last week The Border Mail ran a story about an MiM event for Wodonga, Victoria, claiming it was being organised by North-East Border Trades Hall.

MiM organisers have been extremely careful to ensure their events are non-partisan and exclusively the initiative of concerned citizens, so NoFibs contacted MiM organisers for comment.

MiM organisers were unaware of any event planned for Wodonga. Nothing about a Wodonga-based march or rally was listed on MiM’s official Facebook page or website at that time.

Not being a user of social media, the Wodonga organiser Chip Elins was unaware the movement had grown into a national group with a central organising committee.

Talks were held between Elins and MiM organisers, where it was agreed that the affiliation to North-East Border Trades Hall would be dropped, and Chip would organise the event as a private citizen.

The Wodonga MiM event will be held at 11am Woodland Grove Park, Wodonga, this Sunday.

The March in March events will take place this weekend culminating with the march in Canberra on Monday.

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