No Fibs contributors writing from inside the campaigns of #IndependentsDay candidates for #ausvotes.

Dave Lennon from #MalleeVotes captured @MalleeRay taking time off from the campaign to shear his sheep. Photo Dave Lennon

Turning the #AusVotes grassroots turquoise: @KateZMedia #WarringahVotes gallery

It’s been an amazing couple of months working on Zali Steggall’s election campaign. One week to go and there’s still lots of positivity, enthusiasm and a desire for positive change within the community.  I have been with the campaign since just after Zali launched and I have been most impressed by her honesty, integrity, desire […]

Mix and mingle for forum season: @davelennonabc reports on #MalleeVotes

A funny thing happened on the way to the forum… ah, but which forum? That is the question. There have been so many since forum season started in Mildura an eternity ago, or so it seems. Since then there have been forums throughout the length and breadth of the electorate. Last Thursday was Horsham’s turn […]

Playtime is over as @malleeray gets the message out there: @davelennonabc reports on #MalleeVotes

Seven’s Sunrise program likes to have ‘personalities’ on to dissect the big issues of the day, which can turn out to be little more than: “Did you see that dress she wore?” On Saturday, one of the topics was the leaders’ debate the previous evening. Chris Smith bemoaned the fact that because it was on […]

Nats give coal shoulder to #ClimateAction forum: @MilesProust reports on #CowperVotes

The Nationals have continued to show their indifference to young voters with newcomer candidate Pat Conaghan failing to appear at a climate forum held at the Coffs Harbour ex-services club last week in the NSW electorate of Cowper. The Nationals candidate was represented by a lump of coal, with organiser Lissa Rusanen stating: “The lump […]

Pesec the only sensible choice to revive #ACTVotes: @gazzakent comments on @anthonypesec #SenateVotes campaign

Many people have asked me why as a lifelong, loyal Liberal, I am chairing the campaign of Anthony Pesec, an Independent candidate for the Australian Senate in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT). The main role of any political party is to preselect top-quality candidates and present them to the public. The ultimate goal must be […]

Zooming in on @zalisteggall: @KateZMedia #WarringahVotes gallery

While I’ve been photographing the campaign of Independent candidate for Warringah Zali Stegall, various media outlets have been trailing the campaign and I’ve captured them during my work. The ABC’s Four Corners is producing a special on the Warringah electorate to air before the election. Margo Kingston of No Fibs was totally oblivious to me […]

Having ‘the chat’ with rusted-ons, and other mysteries: @davelennonabc reports on #MalleeVotes with @malleeray

There’s no question that for any Independent hoping to dislodge a Nat from a safe seat you have to get some of the rusted-ons to rust off. The theory is a lot easier than the practice. There are a few announcements coming on that front from the @malleeray camp but at this stage I can […]

Clear waters a must for farming’s future: @tallawang reports on #NewEnglandVotes #Watergate

The most crucial element of a productive landscape is water: rainwater, surface water and ground water. Water has managed to get a lot of column inches over the past few months, with dried up rivers, fish kills, Royal Commissions, mud throwing and buck passing. All good for newspaper sales, but do they assist in the […]

A forum, the future and covering all base camps on the #MalleeVotes campaign: @davelennonabc with @malleeray

I missed the first forum of the campaign in Mildura but got to Nhill. Let’s talk Nhill, I mentioned it briefly in the piece about Pyramid Hill but it is a truly remarkable community, another that has reversed its fortunes by embracing migrants and the economic opportunities they bring. At Nhill it is the Karen […]

Outshining detractors and dirty tricks: @MilesProust reports from @RobOakeshott1 #CowperVotes campaign

High-profile independent candidate for the NSW electorate of Cowper Rob Oakeshott recently released his commitment to climate change action at the small Macleay village of Gladstone. His two-page document included a promise to vote against any new coal or gas power stations, calling out dirty money used for lobbying and to support policies that prioritise […]