Alice Thompson: "The kids at #ClimateStrike understand the only thing blocking action is political will'. Photo: Twitter @Indy_Ally

Independent candidates write an introduction piece and tell No Fibs readers who they are and what makes them tick.

Parliamentary Standards Bill can make politics safer for women says @helenhainesindi: @jansant reports #March4Justice

Independent Member for Indi Helen Haines (@helenhainesindi) discusses the Parliamentary Standards bill she introduced into the Parliament during 2020 and how it could help make Parliament a safer workplace for women. Commonwealth Parliamentary Standards Bill 2020 Australian Federal Integrity Commission Bill 2020 [email protected]: Sexual Harassment National Inquiry Report (2020) *Apologies: during the interview with Helen […]

Adam Blakester now a serious contender for Barnaby Joyce’s seat: @margokingston1 #NewEnglandVotes #podcast

In the NSW seat of New England, an electorate larger than Tasmania, Independent candidate Adam Blakester (@adamblakester) has been named as the primary threat facing National Party incumbent, Barnaby Joyce. A poll conducted by the Tamworth Business Chamber indicated Joyce was leading, with 46.4 per cent of the vote compared to 43.1pc who declared their […]

#IndependentsDay approaching tipping point: @Indy_Ally #MackellarVotes launch speech

A transcript of Independent candidate Alice Thompson’s (@Indy_Ally) speech during her campaign launch at Mona Vale in Sydney’s northern beaches electorate of Mackellar on Wednesday, May 1. This is a sobering moment. An idea that built gradually over the years, became a decision my family felt we had to act on only a few months […]

Rebekha Sharkie says get engaged and enraged for #Ausvotes: @MakeMayoMatter #ViewFromTheCrossbench

I wonder whether the ordinary voter is not becoming sick and tired of the vested interests which unduly influence the present political parties and yearn for the emergence of a third political force representing middle of the road policies which would owe allegiance to no outside pressure group. Don Chipp (from Hansard) This quote is […]

Chapter one of the #IndiWay ends with Cathy McGowan’s final #IndiVotes speech in Parliament: @indigocathy #auspol valedictory transcript

Margo Kingston’s suggested reading:How Indi got itself on the map: The blueprintChasing involved democracy in Indi: @Indigocathy v Sophie Mirabella MPReporting Indi: A reflection by Margo Kingston Cathy McGowan’s valedictory transcript Mr Speaker – I seek the indulgence of the house:  Hello everyone and thank you for coming. Six years ago when I rose to […]

#IndependentsDay candidate aims to give #NichollsVotes representation in #ausvotes that listens to community: @Bock4Nicholls comments

Traditionally, we’ve been taught not to talk about religion, money or politics. I find this a travesty, they’re the most interesting topics! Luckily, whilst my parents never discussed these things, they did watch two hours of news every weeknight “to stay informed.” Always the stickybeak — and having ‘square eyes’ — I’d watch Nine News […]

#IndependentsDay lighting the regions this #ausvotes from one of #auspol’s safest conservative seats: @MalleeRay comments on his #MalleeVotes run

I’m running as the Independent for Mallee because I’m frustrated that our communities are being neglected, and I’m angry that while our leaders play games in Canberra the people of Mallee are missing out. As the truly Independent voice, as a leader with a proven track record of vision, innovation and advocacy, having led groundbreaking […]

Step out from behind #auspol partisan #battlelines and serve the national interest: @Indy_Ally comments on her #ausvotes bid for #MackellarVotes

We’ve run out of time. We need leadership, vision and a more ambitious climate plan. Our political system isn’t broken, but it’s stopped working for us. After ten years and seven prime ministers we need to close this chapter and move forward. Parliament needs renewal with a new generation of collaborative leaders who are more […]