ACT Senate candidate Independent, Anthony Pesec. Photo: @AnthonyPesec

Anthony Pesec's (@AnthonyPesec) running for the ACT Senate where Senator, Zed Seselja must re-contest his seat.
On his website Pesec says: "I believe strongly in tackling the big issues of our time like climate change whilst also giving Canberra the real voice that it deserves in the Australian Senate".
Labor's Senator, David Smith (@SenDaveSmith) must also re-contest his seat.
Smith replaced Katy Gallagher after the High Court ruling she was ineligible to sit.
They Vote For You website assessed, Seselja "voted strongly against treating government action on climate change as a matter of urgency".
Despite a pledge to honour the results of the same sex marriage plebiscite saying on Facebook "If the people vote yes, I will vote yes", Seselja was absent for the historic vote in Parliament.
Anthony Pesec: website
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