Cory Bernardi takes out the #GoldKenny – @Qldaah #auspol

One Tweet to bind them all.

Cory Bernardi takes out the Gold Kenny

The weekly Gold Kenny has been awarded by Mike Carlton to Cory Bernardi for his outstanding fundraising abilities.

Earlier this week, Senator Bernardi took to Twitter to condemn South Australian primary school Craigburn for a fundraiser. He accused the school of ‘gender morphing’ after it joined the Do It In A Dress campaign to generate money to support the education of girls around the world through students wearing a dress for a day.

From its website, the Do It In A Dress movement hopes to draw attention to the 60 million girls around the world who are denied an education. The students from Craigburn had come across this campaign and wanted to contribute.

On the back of Senator Bernardi’s Tweet, Josh Thomas pledged $2,000.

Initially, Senator Bernardi seemed a little annoyed at the boost his tweet had given the campaign.

However, by Friday afternoon he was chilling with a beer and celebrating.

The initial goal of Craigburn Primary was to reach $900. At the time of publishing, the donations had reached $221,400. The total worldwide amount for Do It In A Dress had hit $407,299, enough to education 1,357 girls.

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