No Fibs CSG Reporters

Citizen journos report on their local CSG campaign

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Project concept

The No Fibs Citizen Journos CSG Project is explained by CSG editor Stephanie Dale here: CSG Project intro.


Aileen Harrison reports from Queensland

Aileen Harrison

Aileen Harrison – profile



Annie Kia reports from NSW’s Northern Rivers



Errol Brandt reports from Melbourne



Iris Ray Nunn reports from the Pilliga

Iris Ray Nunn

Iris Ray Nunn – No Fibs Pilliga reporter – profile


 Jason Egbars reports from Brisbane

Jason Egbars - profile

Jason Egbars – profile



Katherine Marchment reports from Victoria


Mark Anning reports from Gloucester, NSW

Mark Anning - profile

Mark Anning – profile


Mark Doyle reports from Brisbane

Mark Doyle - profile

Mark Doyle – profile





Melinda Wilson reports from Western Sydney

Melinda Wilson - profile

Melinda Wilson – profile


Penny Blatchford reports from Gurley, Moree, NSW

Penny Blatchford - profile

Penny Blatchford – profile


 Phil Laird from Maules Creek

phil laird

Phil Laird – profile



Robert Rimmer reports from Queensland

Rob Rimmer

Rob Rimmer – profile


Sarah Buchanan reports from Brunswick Heads, NSW

Sarah Buchanan - profile

Sarah Buchanan – profile



Sarah Moles reports from Queensland