#Griffithvotes twitter report from @Griffithelects & @NoFibs



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  1. Great work Jan

    • Thank you jansant – It has been a wonderful learning experience and I have had fabulous support and encouragement from Margo Kingston, Michael Burge and Tony Yegles: also my mate Mark Doyle who took some great video.

      Most candidates have all been very generous with their time. It was fabulous to talk with so many of them.

  2. Given that:

    1. The Libs could not have fielded a better candidate than Bill Glasson
    2. Voters hate politicians who break promises (remember Julia Gillard) and
    3. Kevin Rudd is a high profile former PM who promised to stay the full term

    The 0.7%swing against Labor makes it ridiculous for Coalition supporters to claim (as seen on ‘Sky News’ last night) that this is a “great result” for the Abbott Government.

  3. <

    Great coverage and thanks to all involved.

    No mention of voters stating intention to vote against newman and the LNP in Queensland though.

    And with the Redcliffe State by election on the 22 February 2014 it should be noted that newman will be in the U.S. for the majority of the LNP campaign.

    Interesting, seeing as how it was he who set the date for the by election.