Jason Modica making the government remember Mallee: @jansant #MalleeVotes #podcast

Jason Modica is one of three Independents putting in strong challenges in the Victorian electorate of Mallee. Photo: Wayne Jansson

In this No Fibs podcast I chat with climate action Independent Jason Modica who’s one of three Independents putting in a strong challenge in the safe National-held seat of Mallee.

Last week I took a drive through the southern section of the Victorian electorate. Mallee is one of the bigger electorates in Australia.

There is no incumbent running in the seat after Andrew Broad announced he would not be standing in the wake of the ‘sugar daddy’ affair.

Driving through I stopped and spoke to quite a few people in some of the smaller towns and came away with the impression the seat could be a bit of a sleeper that gives the Coalition some heartache on election night.

There was a deep dissatisfaction with the government, the feeling they’ve forgotten voters in Mallee. Issues came up such as health, education, public transport (especially in smaller towns) and climate change — even if it wasn’t the first thing mentioned, it was almost always in the mix.

In this interview with Mildura Rural City councillor Jason Modica we talk about why he’s running and what he hopes to achieve.

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  1. Robyn Walsh says

    Hi Wayne, as a cub citizen reporter and queen maker it was you and Margo who crowned Cathy for Indi in 2013. Wondered if you would join my campaign to lift the profile of Labor in Indi? You would realise that without preferences Helen hasn’t got much of a show so she may need to talk to Eric Kerr the ALP candidate. It is a shame really, even the ABC is calling this a “3 cornered contest” and has misreported the boundaries a number of times. Neither the ABC, the little paper nor Weekly Times mentions the ALP candidate. This is a form of censorship and your organisation would be against that I am sure. Robyn Walsh ALP Indi Candidate 2013

    • Wayne Jansson says

      Hi Robyn, how are you? :-)
      I’ve invited Eric to write a piece for No Fibs, which he has accepted. I love Eric, he’s a ripper candidate. I’m hoping to find some time to spend with him while he’s out campaigning.