Jeremy Miller on his bid to represent Lyne: @margokingston1 #LyneVotes #podcast

Independent candidate for Lyne Jeremy Miller. Photo: supplied

Margo Kingston (@margokingston1) interviews Independent candidate for the electorate of Lyne Jeremy Miller (@Jeremyforlyne). The discussion includes his approach to replacing incumbent Dr David Gillespie, who this week announced his support for a government-backed, coal-fired power plant and previously voted very strongly against increasing protection of Australia’s fresh water.

Through all of my work, the belief that if you’re able to do something to make a change, to make the place better, then you have the responsibility to do it.

Jeremy Miller

“In this day and age, if there is no business case, and there is no business case to build a new coal-fired power plant, if there was, businesses would be doing it. If there is no business case, then why are the conservative side of politics going through what in the older days you might call socialist policies of government owning businesses that have no future? It just does not make sense to me.”

Jeremy Miller

We need to stop arguing about climate change and climate tactics and all these silly slogans and actively get sensible about a policy to say: “How do we transition the economy and those people [dependent on coal for their livelihood] towards a future that is going to work for them, work for the country, work for our individual wallets and work for the climate?”

Jeremy Miller

To find out more and to support Jeremy Miller’s campaign for the seat of Lyne, please share this podcast using the hashtags #lynevotes and #jeremyforlyne and the links provided below.

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