Jill Horton calls for ‘lean, mean’ politics to end: @CharliCaruso #TangneyVotes #podcast

Charlie Caruso (@CharliCaruso) interviews Independent candidate for the West Australian seat of Tangney Dr Jill Horton (@DrJillianHorton).

The electorate of Tangney was named after Dame Dorothy Tangney, first female member of the Australian Senate, and is at present a safe Liberal seat. It is currently held by Ben Morton a former state director of the Liberal Party.

Charlie caught up with Jill at her practice, where’s for nearly 30 years she worked as a clinical psychologist and researcher in mental health.

I want Australia to find its heart and moral compass again. I want government policies which reflect decency and compassion to all levels of society and to those in need. I want the ‘lean and mean’ style of governance of our people and our land to stop.

Dr Jillian Horton

The top four issues Dr Horton is passionate about are:-

  • Mental health
  • Climate change
  • Higher education funding
  • Job Security and supporting a living wage

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