Margo’s live twitter report from #leardblockade Day 12

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  1. John Fraser says


    Mr John Sinclair was awarded an Order of Australia for his conservation defence of Fraser Island against mining and timber milling as well as, as Mr Sinclair described him … "the vindictive Joh Bjelke-Petersen".

    "Sinclair's honour

    THERE was once a time when conservationist John Sinclair was not welcome in these pages.

    It was the 70s, when Mr Sinclair was leading the fight to stop sand mining and logging on Fraser Island, and the Chronicle stood firmly in support of the island's industries.

    Time has passed, that fight was won and lost, and Fraser Island continues to be a mainstay of the region's economy, albeit with a different industry which, again, the Chronicle firmly supports.

    Sincere congratulations on your Order of Australia, Mr Sinclair."

    Show that to your local Council and ask them how they would like to be remembered.

    • John Fraser says


      Mr John Sinclair also went on to say on Queensland's channel 10 interview :

      "Conservation is not about winning, when something is lost it is lost forever".