#leardblocksde stops #Whitehaven work – Margo’s Day 13 live Twitter report

Citizen Journo MARGO KINGSTON preview of Tuesday’s action at the #leardblockadeon
Citizen journalist Margo Kingston talks to Paul Bevan about #leardblockade and the hash tag as space for comment from all sides of the debate on the Maules Creek mine in Western NSW. He also speaks to 91 year old Bill Ryan on why he has taken part.

Citizen Journo MARGO KINGSTON live interview in the blockade with Paul Bevan. Newcastle ABC radio on the #LeardBlockade
Citizen journalist Margo Kingston dropped by the 1233 ABC Newcastle offices, while being embedded with protestors at the Leard State Forest.She spoke to 1233’s Paul Bevan about why she’s set up with protests to report a story mainstream media isn’t covering.

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  1. John Fraser says


    Queensland's largest circulation newspaper the Courier Mail, owned by the American Murdoch managed to publish a Tweet from Lee Rhiannon in relation to #leardblockade.

    hip hip effing hooray.

    While Abbott opens his big mouth and blasts the ABC …… without first checking first with the Prime Ministers Office ……….. apparently Acting Prime Minister Peta Credlin is not amused.

    "Murdoch and Abbott lied to Australians".

    And do it on a daily basis.

    • John Fraser says


      And a groundswell of public opinion is building on the plans to dump dredged material onto the Great Barrier Reef.

      "Conservation is not about winning, because once it is gone we have all lost."
      John Sinclair OA ( http://www.fido.org.au/ )