Margo’s live twitter report from #leardblockade Day 2 – I see action

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  1. John Fraser says


    Kate Warren's a brave person and I admire her immensely.

    Walk tall and proud all those involved in opposing Whitehaven.

  2. Thanks Kate Warren!
    but what now?
    leard forest becomes a coal mine?

  3. David Mason says

    Yay Margo, yay Kate. If you see Andrew Mason up there say hi. Family who did time in solitary in defence of the Franklin very proud of him.

  4. What a shocking waste of police rescue resources. Not blaming the police concerned who often risk their lives doing better things but the chain of orders leading to this would be interesting. Margo?

  5. “Concorde” was an aeroplane.

    “Concord” is a suburb.

  6. Julie R: “leard forest becomes a coal mine?”

    Julie, please keep up. This is CSG. There’s no mining involved.

  7. my apologies. This is an open cut project. I need to keep up!