Margo’s live twitter report from #leardblockade Day 4

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  1. jenny Bohner says

    Heroes like Susie . Gotta love ’em!

    • and heroes like River Red gums…

      now I am just going to find a quiet place to cry a little, then keep on trying, thank you Margot.

  2. Deb Little says

    Please, please try and get that photo of Susie in the 5 m trench around the River Red Gum somewhere out into the MSM – SMH? Bravo Susie and other lock-ons and supporters – and Margo. Thank you for your valiant efforts.

  3. John Fraser says


    Doesn't even make the American Murdoch Queensland paper.

    Shows just how manipulated Aussies are.

    "Nothing strengthens authority as much as silence' – Leonardo Da Vinci"

    Encapsulated in one sentence Margo …. thank you.

  4. Moving and inspiring, love you Susie and Margo,very very valuable.