Murdoch bookends democracy diasaster for Oz nature: Margo’s pre-election comment


This is Margo’s pre-election comment, courtesy of 2bobradio and The Vine.


In this week’s final, pre-poll interview, Margo Kingston, editor of citizen journalism website nofibs, talks of the threat to free speech posed by big  media, the loss of hope to Australia’s democracy, and people power in the seat of Indi. The interview will air on Thursday Breakfast at 8.10 a.m. and on The Full Quid, at 9.15 a.m.,  Saturday.




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  1. Jill Storch says

    Are we seeing a re-run of Germany 1933-36?

  2. What can one say Margo? When Abbott gets elected it will be a black day for our grandchildren. They like their American cousins will inherit a dark world. It will be run by a feudal elite of the super-wealthy who will be able to lock themselves in their electronic castles to protect themselves from the mob outside engaged in a Darwinian struggle for survival. The degraded planet that they will inherit will not adequately support the population that is expected to be alive in the latter half of this century. What you are saying is clear and rational but is not believed.

    Those of us who challenge the lunacy of the IPA and all of the other Neo-Conservative propaganda units whose blind ideology is megaphoned by Murdoch opinion writers, have lost the argument. We will have (if not already) a modern, upgraded powerful form of nineteenth century unregulated capitalism. The United States has a form of government installed and controlled by the most powerful corporations in the world and we are going down the same path. Everyone says that the rich rule the world, they just don’t see the process when it is staring them in the face. Why are the world’s most qualified earth scientists not trusted or believed? It is because a majority accept half truths that confirm their political prejudices and don’t look any further. They have been persuaded by the hate media that Greens are the Hitler Youth, boat people are bludgers and terrorists and that Chicago School economics works. All of this in spite of the fact that unfair (not free) trade has destroyed small farmers, small towns and our manufacturing. We are conducting a dubious trial called the “new economy” and an even more dangerous experiment in changing the composition of the atmosphere of the only home we have. Earth.

    Why would anyone want a Prime Minister who takes his advice on climate from Ian Plimer, a politically conservative geologist, whose book “Heaven and Earth” is wildly inaccurate and has close association with the mining industry and the Institute of Public Affairs? Wouldn’t it be better to listen to the CSIRO, The Royal Society and all of the other trusted scientific institutions all over the world? The Labor Party has made lots of stupid political mistakes, but they are not important compared to the future social and environmental disasters that will result from the policies of the most right wing Neo-Conservative government that we will ever have.

  3. I know I’m being difficult, but is it possible for you to post transcripts and not just recordings? I am hearing impaired and while the Internet has created some opportunities for me, I still feel at a disadvantaged when any site puts links to recordings and videos.

    Sorry to seem like a complainer.