Margo’s Twitter report on death and injury at Manus Island, Australia’s Heart of Darkness


Videos by David Marler @Qldaah

By Margo Kingston  @margokingston1

23 February 2014

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  1. Indonesia and Thailand must sign the convention says

    We don’t want unstable wild animal types in this country! let that be clear. Australia is a tolerant and peaceful country. We don;t want radicals and violent people. Send them back!

    As my mates said in discussion, they should be patient and grateful they are safe from persecution have a safe warm bed and food. Wait for their application to be assessed. Not riot!

    • rangermike1 says

      Mate, your last brain cell just died before you typed this rant, or are you sucking beer ? You are a fool and of no consequence to this Post. They are Human Beings as well.

    • rangermike1 says

      Your Mates and You appear as knuckle dragsters, in your element at the Pub. How did such a discussion come up about Boat people seeking asylum ? Guess one had two brain cells. You lot disgust me.

  2. rangermike1 says

    Boy, does the “King Hit Man” Morrison look below par here. It seems that the ‘Bloke ?’ has learned a lot of Abbott’s mannerisms. Umm Ahh just does not cut it. Waste of space, the pair of them. One person is dead Morrison, and a lot more injured, Front up Morrison and accept your responsibility. You are a LOW LIFE.

  3. rangermike1 says

    Margo, I am sorry to rant on, but these people that have an IQ of today’s date, worry’s me. They can’t see what is happening to them, and really don’t care. It is worrying to all future Families.

  4. john921fraser says


    According to Abbott the rest of his gang are wimps and Morrison is the only one capable of doing the dirty work.

    Because not a single one of the so called conservatives have contradicted Abbott.