The #MarchinMarch Melbourne in pictures, by @Jansant

By Wayne Jansson  @jansant

20th March 2014

Roll over photos to read captions or click for slideshow.

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  1. Great pics Wayne

  2. we need a site to access that give us the facts eg Hockey’s saying Australia under Labor increase spending increased debt but fail to advise almost at the bottom of the scale for debt.

    The use of graphs polls need to explain all info how polls as statistics graphs can be structured to get the desired outcome not necessarily the whole truth delivered.

    We need site that will set out simply the illusion of competition in the market. EG how many competing??? companies belong to one parent company etc

    Labor Party should set out accusations via business/LNP and add their full explanation facts factors.

    Unless we have trusted sites that will inform HONESTLY and are EASY to understand citizens will remain at the mercy of the marketters spin doctors endless opinion fest via political filler programs think tanks and Lobiests ALL HAVE CONFLICT OF INTEREST would I be wrong their commercial political ideological conflicts with the interest OF THE WHOLE COMMUNITY AND COUNTRY?