No Fibs Podcast Tips for Guests

Photo by Jason Rosewell on Unsplash

This page is designed to offer a guide for guests of the No Fibs podcast.


No Fibs record our podcasts primarily via Zoom. Zoom enables us to record audio conversations through either the computer (like Skype, but more reliable) or you can choose to dial in via a mobile phone or landline.

Before the chat is scheduled, we recommend either downloading Zoom to your PC or Mac, or downloading Zoom via the iTunes App store, or Android App store.

You don’t need to set up an account for the recording, but having the software pre-downloaded should make life easier for everyone.

Setting up your time to record

Charlie Caruso currently produces the No Fibs podcast, so what usually happens is the host (say Margo for example) will set up a recording time for the chat with you directly and then confirm the recording slot availability with Charlie.

Once the time/date is confirmed, Charlie will email you a link that has the link for Zoom to select to make the call, as well as phone numbers to dial in if needed. Charlie will ask for permission to use existing promotional photos or provide an opportunity for you to send a specific photo you’d like to be used for the promotion of the podcast.

Please let Charlie know if you’d prefer to listen to the final cut audio before it is published.

*Airpods warning* we have found that the use of Airpods while recording reduces the quality of the audio, and recommend not to use them.

How to prepare for good quality audio

  • If your phone reception is dicey, but your internet connection is strong, use internet audio to connect to the call (don’t dial in).
  • If your internet connection is sometimes dodgy let us know, and if your phone reception is strong, dial in.
  • The best audio quality comes from downloading the Zoom app onto your mobile phone, and connecting through the internet and speaking as normal into your mobile phone in a quiet room.
  • We can try to edit out background noise but it can be difficult and sometimes impossible. If background noise or interference is noticeable in the recording, Charlie will unmute herself in the call and let you know and ask you to repeat anything that might not have been clear.
  • Using headphones can be problematic, sometimes it is good, other times poor quality, just try not to speak too directly into the mic when talking.

Click here: How to “Zoom”

Good to know

  • Podcasts are a terrific way to reach Australian (and international) audiences. Check out some of the impressive listener retention stats from the 2018 ABC Podcast survey.
  • New study reveals 3.5 million people aged 16-64 listen to podcasts in Australia
  • Once we’ve posted the podcast, it will be syndicated across to iTunes and Spotify to access potential audiences and listeners there. We will create shareable quote graphics from the podcast to help with the promotion, of which you are encouraged to share and use as you please.
  • If you have a regular email, feel free to share the podcast with your subscribers to boost the reach of the podcast.
  • Any reviews or ratings of the No Fibs podcast on iTunes will increase the overall reach of the podcast immensely, so if yourself or someone in your office are able to provide a review on iTunes and subscribe, iTunes algorytms will boost No Fibs visability, further exposing it to a larger audience.