Oliver Yates on taking on Frydenberg: @margokingston1 #KooyongVotes #podcast

Oliver Yates (@_Oliver_Yates) is a former banker with the Macquarie Group and head of the Clean Energy Finance Corporation. He spoke with Margo Kingston (@margokingston1) about his campaign to run for the seat of Kooyong as an Independent.

I’m deeply concerned about the lack of action on climate change. Australia actually needs to be leaders. If we don’t take leadership, then we won’t be able to influence other countries, and we have to influence other countries because we will all be affected by the outcomes of other countries when it comes to this very important issue, and we are running seriously out of time.

Oliver Yates

Governments have a core responsibility to keep the population and individuals safe and failing to act on climate change is immoral, unacceptable and it’s not appropriate for a government to do that to its citizens.

Oliver Yates

What the Liberals want to do is build up an American-style political system where whoever has the money can actually buy your vote.

Oliver Yates

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