Oliver Yates taking it to ‘moneybags’ Frydenberg: @margokingston1 #KooyongVotes #podcast

Margo Kingston (@margokingston1) speaks with #KooyongVotes Independent candidate Oliver Yates (@_Oliver_Yates) on the latest episode of the No Fibs podcast and explores the challenges of campaigning in an electorate where the incumbent has reportedly thrown millions of dollars to safeguard.

Josh Frydenberg has put 12 people at the pre-poll centre, basically making it impossible for anyone to actually get to the pre-poll centre.

Oliver Yates

They put out a hit piece on me which resulted in me getting $10,000 in donations in 24 hours because people are so sick of negative politics.

Yates discusses the fact that his team has had to seek legal advice to address the ongoing disruption and harassment by the local council, who it appears have forgotten that it is a constitutional right to express their political views on the four garden trailers they’ve used in an attempt to offset the artillery of trucks with trailers and billboards (some apparently with neon lights), courtesy of Liberal Party funders.

Despite how intense the campaign has become, Oliver Yates remains humble and spoke kindly of his fellow candidates.

Josh isn’t a bad person, he’s just in the wrong party. You’ve got Burnside, you’ve got me, you got other independents — Jana’s a good candidate who is the Labor candidate, the seat is blessed with good candidates this time and you don’t need the kind of negativity. We want Australian politics to be a smorgasbord board of good people trying to represent their electorate and bring good views to parliament.

Oliver Yates

An important takeaway for #KooyongVotes voters is that both Labor and the Greens have provided Oliver with their preferences, so he just needs to get ahead of Julian or Labor to roll his way through.

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