Part 4 of the Queensland election blog for 2017 – #qldvotes #qldpol @Qldaah

Ongoing coverage of the Queensland election campaign for 2017. Check back for updates.

Part 4 of the Queensland election blog for 2017

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Antony Green’s Queensland election 2017 guide.
A cache of The Courier Mail’s front pages.
(November 13, 2017) Day 16 – Pauline Hanson loses another.
(November 14, 2017) Day 17 – Reset.
(November 15, 2017) Day 18 – Adani profit warning.
(November 16, 2017) Day 19 – Teacher tests.
(November 17, 2017) Day 20 – Debate landslide.

(November 17, 2017) Day 20 – Debate landslide

LNP/PHON deal to form government confirmed

Battleground Maiwar

  • Felicity Caldwell reports, “The LNP’s Scott Emerson will be in a fight to keep his seat in Parliament, according to the latest poll, with issues such as Adani and One Nation on the agenda.
    A ReachTEL poll shows Labor’s candidate Ali King and Mr Emerson split 50-50 on two-party preferred in the seat of Maiwar, which covers suburbs including Mount Coot-tha, Indooroopilly and St Lucia.”: Poll puts LNP’s Scott Emerson neck-and-neck with Labor in inner-city seat.

From bikies to biker policy

No LNP support for solar powered resort islands

Annastacia in Toowoomba

John Howard in Mount Ommaney

LNP justice policy questioned

Supply and confidence

New train stations for the Gold Coast

Debate fallout


(November 16, 2017) Day 19 – Teacher tests

Courier Mail forum


Tim Nicholls responds to Labor’s attack ads

LNP Sunshine Coast promises that can’t be kept

  • Sunshine Coast Regional Council has released a statement on the LNP MPs and candidates that have made big funding promises in their electorates. The Council says these projects have not been discussed with it and as a result there has been no budgetary allowances made in its financial structure. State candidates need to promise only on what they can deliver.

Kate Jones with a song

TAFE upgrades

Queensland unemployment at 5.9pc trend, 6.0pc seasonally adjusted

In trend job creation, the ABS reports that, “the largest increases were in Queensland (up 7,900 persons)”. In seasonally adjusted terms, “the only state with an increase in employment was Queensland (up 12,600 persons).” Labour force commentary, October 2017.

LNP to test teachers

LNP MP for Burleigh Michael Hart campaign material

Transitway upgrades

  • Felicity Caldwell reports, “Brisbane commuters would get a congestion-busting sweetener under a re-elected Palaszcuzk government, with $75 million pledged for Northern and Eastern Transitways. Deputy Premier and Transport Minister Jackie Trad said the transitways would mean less time on the road and more time at home for tens of thousands of commuters.”: Labor announces $75 million for Northern and Eastern Transitways.

ReachTEL poll 52pc to LNP

Election promises

Sky News invites PHON to leaders forum but leaves out Greens


(November 15, 2017) Day 18 – Adani profit warning

Kupai Omasker

Factcheck on One Nation claim

At a crossroads

Two Nations

  • Nicholas Stuart writes, “Please excuse this column. Its subject is rather like a noisy fart at a wedding. It’s unwanted, unwelcome and leaves a nasty stench in the air, and that’s why it’s not normally talked about in polite company. Which is exactly the point. It’s time to discuss seriously the one issue that’s threatening, more than any other, to tear the country apart: immigration.”: Queensland election 2017: two nations, divided by immigration.

Pauline Hanson backpeddling on preference deal

After signing a preference deal with the LNP, Pauline Hanson is now telling voters they don’t have to use the PHON how-to-vote cards, they can make their own decisions.

LNP to build more youth detention centres

Marriage equality ‘Yes’ result

Cakes and flowers

Mistakes of the past and present

James Ashby behind removal of Fraser Anning

Battleground Ipswich

Adani profits down

Media watch


(November 14, 2017) Day 17 – Reset

Tim Nicholls behind asset sales plan & job cuts, not Campbell Newman

PHON to remove Great Barrier Reef world heritage listing

Answers demanded over PHON handing out LNP how-to-vote cards

One Nation troubles over taped conversation

Fraser Anning the fault of Canberra

Labor pulps Pine Rivers how-to-votes

Annastacia on Green Island

Economics with John Quiggin

Hitting reset

Teacher numbers with Annastacia

  • Ruth McCosker reports, “Labor has accused the state Opposition Leader of being complicit in the axing of 500 Queensland teachers as the Premier promised to employ 3700 new teachers over four years. Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk made the pitch during a visit to Edge Hill State School in the Cairns electorate held by independent MP Rob Pyne.”: Premier back in class to scold LNP on Queensland teacher numbers.

Lauren Order with Tim

One Nation parking infringement

LNP/PHON alliance

  • SBS News reports, “It’s since emerged the photos feature One Nation’s Lytton candidate Suzanne Black. The long-serving policewoman has accused Labor of a desperate bid to suggest there’s a secret alliance between One Nation and the LNP. Ms Black said she was secretly photographed while trying to recycle a used LNP how-to-vote card by handing it back to that party’s volunteers at the pre-polling booth.”: One Nation blasts ‘dirty Labor stitch-up’.
  • Nine News Queensland reports, “Labor has accused One Nation of handing out LNP how-to-vote cards, saying new photos show the two conservative parties are in cahoots.”: One Nation hands out LNP vote cards in Qld.

‘We need a majority’

Steve Dickson’s inappropriate sex education claims

Media watch



(November 13, 2017) Day 16 – Pauline Hanson loses another

Qld PHON senator Fraser Anning quits party

Cross river rail dead under LNP/PHON

One Nation in Ipswich

One Nation makes pedophile accusations

  • Andrew Korner reports, “THE UNION representative at the receiving end of a verbal tirade from a One Nation supporter has backed his organisation’s decision to front up to the event. Electrical Trades Union organiser Stuart Traill led a small group who attended a domestic violence fundraising barbecue hosted by One Nation Ipswich candidate Malcolm Roberts at Queen’s Park on Saturday. Despite what amounted to a union ambush, Mr Traill said union members had been invited into the gathering by a member of fathers’ advocacy group Australian Brotherhood of Fathers, to “have a sausage”.”: Union boss responds to ‘pedophile’ taunt at One Nation BBQ.

False accusations by One Nation

The LNP/PHON ticket

Tim Nicholls pledges power bill reductions

Battleground South Brisbane

  • Amy Remeikis reports, “The shift in Labor’s position on Adani may not be enough to save Queensland’s deputy premier, with a poll showing Jackie Trad is in danger of losing her seat to a growing Greens vote. A Galaxy poll, first published by News Corp, shows Trad – who holds the inner-city seat of South Brisbane on a margin of 14% – losing to the Greens candidate, Amy McMahon, on a two-party preferred basis, 51% to 49%.”: Queensland deputy premier Jackie Trad could lose seat to Greens, poll shows.

Annastacia in Townsville

  • Ruth McCosker reports, “Labor hopes its latest cash splash will slash hospital waiting lists, with the Premier announcing $154 million to bring down waiting times for specialist appointments.
    Annastacia Palaszczuk made the announcement at Townsville Hospital on Monday morning where she met with children and families in the pediatric ward.”: Premier commits $154 million to slash hospital waiting lists.

Polling places




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