People power cancels #borderforce visa checks and creeping fascism in #Auspol: @takvera reports

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  1. In the EU/French island of Mayotte off Mozambique police regularly demand that blacks (the majority there) show their identity papers, owing to the influx of Comorian illegals. Since the Comoros do not recognise Mayotte’s excision the exodus of comoros nationals in skimpy boats to Mayotte is considered internal movement, but the EU disagrees and is erecting/enforcing strong external borders all over… So in Mayotte any black not carrying his or her ID is deported, so that French/Euro nationals who have left their card at home regularly find themselves ferried off, and must pay their own fare back home later. So this sort of thing is becoming more common – stopped here for now.

  2. whatismore says

    Thanks John. Keep up the good work No Fibs. This movement may herald the new media and social media as a real political force. And the decline of the msm which has been remiss it’s duties.

  3. Very proud of the people of Melbourne/Victoria who turned out to protect our civil liberties. Although only an observer from the sidelines of social media I understand it’s power, in this instance, for GOOD. Abbott obviously got the message and has backed down. My husband likes his newspaper in hard copy, but as I pointed out to him, only social media could have organisied so quickly to put a stop to this nonsense.