Perth supporters stand up against #OurABC funding cuts: Rick Hoyle – Mills @RickHM reports

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  1. Good on you WA residents.
    The ABC is essential for all the people who live across our wide brown land —- on our east coast where I live they save lives by broadcasting cyclone/flood up dates,Their bushfire broadcasts on bushfires are legendary.
    Get rid of the LNP and their misguided thinking on cutting funding to the ABC ( and everything else)

  2. Just when you think the Government has finished with its budget attempts to beat us back to ‘doffing our caps’ to our ‘betters’ (wealthier) i.e. giving up on a tertiary education, giving up job security, massive youth unemployment, importing labour from overseas instead of training our young people, closing down manufacturing, etc, – they go and cut back our ABC so we reduce our level of objective news, quality Australian drama, and a whole range of shows not available on the commercial channels (e,g, Australian Story, Landline, Q & A). Presumably Rupert Murdoch can fill the void? Heaven help us. Rupert Murdoch, with his vast media coverage, and obscene level of misinformation and bias in his ‘newspapers’ (I don’t want to dignify it as journalism) seems to be the biggest threat to democracy in this country.. But I imagine the PM thinks that the media is ‘safe’ in Rupert’s hands, so he’s happy to outsource all Government PR to Rupert Murdoch, or Allan Jones, or Andrew Bolt….. So who needs the ABC? We do – very, very, very much.,

    Malcolm Turnbull, congratulations, you’ve just joined Bastard Team Australia. Not sure why that came as a surprise, but it did.