PNG Police arrest award winning journalist @BehrouzBoochani as #Manus brutality breaks #auspol: @Jansant reports

PNG police have arrested award winning journalist and Manus detainee, @BehrouzBoochani.

Behrouz’s last tweet before being arrested:

During the arrest fellow detainee, Abdul Aziz Adam‏ (@Aziz58825713) tweeted:

Journalists union, Media Enterainment Arts Alliance said in a statement:

Behrouz has been one of the main sources of factual information about conditions inside the Manus Island detention centre for the past few years, and his reporting has been published in Australia and internationally

His reporting in the finest traditions of journalism has been critical when the Australian and PNG governments have done everything they can to prevent media from having access to the asylum seekers on Manus Island

Without Behrouz’s courageous reporting at great personal risk, the world would be less informed about the crisis on Manus Island

Detainee Kaleem (@Manusisland) posted images online showing a refugee with injuries:

Earlier in the day as tensions were rising there were reports two detainees collapsed and their need for medical assistance was ignored by police and immigration officials.

Throughout the morning refugees and their friends posted video and photographs of personal belongings that were destroyed by PNG police and immigration officials, including food supplies donated by concerned locals.

Over 400 refugees detained at the (now closed) Australian regional processing centre on Manus Island have been refusing to relocate, saying they want freedom, not another prison.

Amnesty International has called for the immediate release of, Behrouz Boochani story on Guardian Australia.

Story on Amnesty International website.

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