Pre-election AABill explainer: @CharliCaruso #AusVotes #podcast

I am honoured to produce the very first No Fibs podcast, in which I’ve focused on a summary explainer of the Assistance and Access Bill (2018).

This first episode is a cut-down version that condenses three interviews I conducted over the past week with WA Greens Senator Jordon Steele-John (@Jordonsteele); Daithí Ó Gliasáin (@okdaithi) who is director of @voteflux (issue-based #directdemocracy), and Felicity Ruby, an Australian academic currently working on her PhD on the Five Eyes Intelligence Alliance.

The long-form podcast is available for anyone interested in the extended interviews.

Valuable sources of information

This is a complex topic, making it very difficult to cover all angles and perspectives, and there is an open invitation to anyone who is interested in contributing their thoughts on the subject, to come forward as a future guest on the podcast.

As the No Fibs Podcast is new, we would really appreciate as many of the No Fibs family sharing the podcast widely within their networks, and subscribing to the iTunes channel.

Watch this space.

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