Rob Oakeshott says ‘no seat should be taken for granted’: @margokingston1 #CowperVotes #podcast

Independent candidate for Cowper Rob Oakeshott. Photo: supplied

Margo Kingston (@margokingston1) sat around the kitchen table with Rob Oakeshott (@RobOakeshott1), Kate (Rob’s niece), Beth (Rob’s scheduler), Melwyn (Rob’s fundraising manager) and Jack, Rob’s videographer who has recently posted a fact check response video to the latest Nationals’ advert.

Rob Oakeshott has been campaigning in the NSW Cowper electorate as an Independent, facing unprecedented personal attacks from the Nationals.

Everybody is getting tired and edgy, and you just worry that the relentless negativity is having an impact on people.

Rob Oakeshott

Despite it all, Rob is largely grateful that the consequence of so much political attention elevating the electorate of Cowper to the national stage and the recent local funding announcements that have followed.

I think the most exciting bit is that it doesn’t just have to be for the period of an election campaign — this could be what life is like for the next three years, where finally the conversation from parliament is one that aligns with what’s being talked about on the main streets, rather than being completely different and aloof.

Rob Oakeshott

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