Sane analysis and comment on media reform


By Margo Kingston
March 15, 2013

In this post we’ve linked to sane analysis and commentary on media reform. We’ve also asked you to nominate a fair, accurate and balanced MSM news story  – the criteria print media groups tell their self-regulation body the Press Council they strive for. If you can bear it, here is Crikey’s wrap of the print media reaction.

I have been told by an informed source that Murdoch’s media have gone troppo on strengthening self-regulation as a bait and switch tactic. On this view, freedom of the press is a smokescreen for their real objection, that the proposed new laws would seek to limit even more concentration of media ownership by rolling Foxtel into News Ltd. Murdoch also wants all cross media laws abolished. ‘They are playing different game to the one everyone is watching’.

So questions for Abbott, if anyone in the MSM can be bothered – do you support the governments proposals on cross media ownership and strengthening provisions to protect Australians from more concentration of media ownership?

Abbott is a puppet of Murdoch. Be afraid.

Anyone seen anything on what the media reforms would mean for the size and reach of Murdoch’s Australian empire? Is there anything out there?

Here are the sane pieces we’ve found so far. More nominations welcome.

ABC The Drum

Tim Dunlop: Consumers won’t pay for news they don’t trust

The Conversation

Terry Flew: Low-key Conroy proposals are media reform lite

Martin Hirst: From ‘hate media’ to another fine mess: How media reform got derailed

Susan Forde: Media reform: hysterical attacks on weak Conroy suggestions tell the real story


Bernard Keane: The Stalinist nightmare of the media regulating itself

Bernard Keane: If you want to see government control of journalism, try this:

Matthew Knott: Freedom of speech at risk? How Conroy’s advocate could hurt

Magaret Simons: Minimalist media reform that only starts the job (Paywall)


Wendy Bacon: Conroy’s All Or Nothing Media Reforms

Ben Eltham: The Media And The Arts Both Need Diversity

The Global Mail

Mike Seccombe: The New Growth Industry: Fact Creation 

The Failed Estate

Jim Parker: The Real Despots

Macro Business

Of comrade Cconroy and the loon pond


Elizabeth Knight  Shrill response to media reforms

The Australian Independent Media Network

Alan Austin: News Limited’s tawdry campaign proves Conroy’s point


Barry Cassidy: ‘Breathtaking’ reaction from News Limited

Richard Aedy: Reporting on yourself – Media coverage of its own reform and regulations


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  1. Geeeeeez how sad is that, I would like to be able to add at least one paper article, but, can’t :( Even Lenore Taylor’s only barely acknowledge the punter & was more about Conroy running scared UGH!

  2. Thank you for the links to sane analysis and commentary. Go to the top of the class. Do not sit with the MSM fools in the dunce’s corner.

  3. Just thinking… but know that New Ltd make a lot of money in page views & click throughs for their online advertising. How about if we had a list of NO GO News Ltd journo’s that we basically boycotted, never looked at their articles online, and if we do need to know what one of the seriously biased ones, like a Chris Kenny or Miranda Devine has said, that can be paraphrased, not passed around – like they are now, as that is just making money for News Ltd?

    On the flip side, have a list of News Ltd Journo’s that are balanced, make sure we all share those articles, they will be the only ones that will have traffic, which will send a very clear message? If we can get enough people involved could really affect them and maybe help tone some of the more partisan ones down as we know that News Ltd have staff that keep an eagle eye on web traffic, page statistics etc…

    Sort of like voting with our feet, not using a particular shop because they are doing the wrong thing? If we can organise well enough could be effective ‘people power’ and News Ltd cannot complain, as Mr Turnbull & Kim Williams himself said, if people don’t like what we produce they don’t have to buy or read it?

    Just a thought :)

    • Sandra Searle (@SandraSearle) says

      Not a bad idea Noely. To get people to participate, they will need to just who to support and who to boycott. The list would have to be made up by a neutral person. Anyone out there who thinks they could be neutral? But then again, we all really have started to get a handle on those journos who don’t give a toss about truth don’t we.
      A list would still be a help though. LOL

  4. I seriously agree with ‘not going there’ and voting with your feet. This site will put you in touch with ‘MURDOCH BLOCK’ which warns you if you are going to a murdoch owned site
    Works for me. Worth a look. I’m pretty sure you can find for firefox and chrome browsers. (maybe not safari)

  5. Great work duly sharing the shit out of this.

  6. Maureen Searson says

    Thank you Margo!!

  7. Someone said somewhere that the hysteria over “freedom of speech” by News LTD is a bait and switch tactic to really scupper the parts of the proposed laws that try to keep what diversity we have left in the MSM. I tend to agree.
    Much as the hysteria over the NBN is actually to protect the likes of Foxtel who will be ground to dust when people can get the speed to their door that allows many players like Netflix to do HD video on demand to the home.
    It’s the story behind the “story” that is really going on here.

  8. Joy Cooper says

    Thank you Margo for your great journalism as usual. Also, thank you, teddysea. Had heard there was an extension out that could block Murdoch/News LTD sites. Have found it now in Chrome’s Web Store, thanks to teddysea & have just installed it. Shall see how it goes.

  9. Barry Cassidy on Breakfast News ABC TV gave a somewhat balanced comment piece on the Media reforms titled

    ‘Breathtaking’ reaction from News Limited: Cassidy

  10. Thanks for your sterling work, Margot. You’re a breath of fresh air. I think too you’ve been a catalyst for change, stirring the conscience of some journos, former colleagues of yours who know that their involvement in today’s Oz print media just isn’t right. Early days yet but things are moving. Let’s hope the ground really shifts before September.