Shanahan and Bolt doctor a quote to accuse Conroy of doctoring a quote: Welcome to Murdoch news:

Senator Conroy on Insiders

Senator Conroy on Insiders

By Margo Kingston
March 21, 2013

Stephen Conroy said on Insiders


Denis Shanahan 19 March


In his evidence to the Finkelstein Inquiry into media standards, Professor McKinnon… said:

“One editor jovially once remarked that he would rather double his annual contribution than have a complaint upheld.”

Andrew Bolt yesterday


Headline: Labor uses doctored evidence to grab state control of the media

How despicable – and hypocritical. The deceitful Gillard Government itself doctors a quote to justify its attack on the free press…

That word “jovially” was omitted by the Government when it tried to argue it had reasons for demanding state control over the press…

A joke by an editor is presented by Conroy was a serious proposal. And it is done by Conroy omitting a crucial word.

Official Finkelstein inquiry transcript, 16 November 2011, page 48 

McKINNON: However, I have had an editor say to me, “If you promise not to uphold any complaints from my paper, we will double our subscription. Is that a deal?”  It was said over lunch, but the irritation, the consideration about personal reputation drives people more than money in that circumstance.

Thank you to Jacob Stam (@stamja) and Matthew from Canberra for alerting me to this matter.

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  1. Right Wing Projection: The political tactic of the Right using descriptions pertaining to themselves to describe others.

    The Geek said it best in this tweet:

  2. Nothing surprises me with the bolt head.

  3. sulphurcrested says

    Poverty of substance on the right makes them ‘inventive’. If they told the truth they’d be totally unpalatable to the public. And once they had told their truths, they would run out of things to say because they have absolutely nothing to offer to the people or the country. Enlargement of one’s own power base makes people confabulate because there is, literally, nothing in it.

  4. sulphurcrested says

    Agree Cuppa with your and Geeks’ observation. I used to watch this all the time when little Johnny was PM (ugh). It is amazing how accurate they are when describing themselves in their projections.

  5. I am sure Conroy does not expect an apology for he knows he ain’t getting it. It’s only more of the same BS from B & S.

  6. Limited-News with Limited Truth`s. No surprise here. Excellent job to all.

  7. And of course there remains no need for closer oversight of the actions of the Press Council.

  8. g2-5bba245eb6db01d36e28de6648a6336a says

    “It was just a joke” is a favorite cop out line for bullies and others caught using threats or intimidation.

  9. I’m confused, when was the quote made by Conroy?

  10. Karl, on Insiders last Sunday.

  11. Ex Labor staffer Andrew Bolt and soon to be ex Labor minister turned highly paid consultant and lobbyist Conroy deserve each other