Storify: From the red heart @Amanda467 on #MarchInMarch Alice Springs


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  1. margokingston says

    Wonderful, Amanda. Here is the Alice Springs #MarchinMarch Heart vimeo

  2. The root of the problem lies in nitty-gritty wealth we produce but, don’t control or own. Well, mostly don’t own. Now the big end of town is after what little remains of wealth we create being diverted via taxation to public health, education and welfare. Or as you recounted:

    “There were seven or eight speakers spouting commonsense: calling for a return to community values, the prioritizing of compassion and civility over resource extraction and corporate tax-evasion, and the removal of big business as the main focus of policy. Health, education, the environment and Aboriginal issues were also on everyone’s tongues. Things that are real, tangible, in the eyes, minds and on the lips of ordinary people.

    “At one point, a passer by in an old beat-up ute drove past with a megaphone and yelled out: “Out with the government! Tony Abbott’s a cunt!” at exactly the moment another speaker was pausing.”