Storm lashes House in final hours of 54th Qld Parliament, #bnestorm #qldpol : @Qldaah

Jaded - The Qld WeeklyBrisbane Times state political reporter Amy Remeikis turned weather journalist on Thursday in the final few hours of the 54th Queensland parliament for 2014. Portentous perhaps of the parliamentary gods’ displeasure with the Newman Government, hail hammered the 150 year old House of Parliament as a storm of biblical proportions rolled over the river city.

Valedictory speeches dominated the final sitting day for the year before the skies turned green and the wild weather assaulted the city. Parliament is not expected to return in February 2015. Unlike other states with set election dates, Queensland remains governed under flexible three year terms. It is expected Premier Campbell Newman will call an election early in the new year for March.

Complete with sirens sounding in the city, here are Amy’s recordings:

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