Trust, it’s not just about ‘them’: Forde wrap by @StephanieDale22

[clear] By Stephanie Dale 5 September 2013 The other day a smart, savvy, engaged woman I know told me she plans to vote informal on September 7 – her decision has as much to do with media coverage as it does with politics. In short: ” Can’t bring myself to vote for Tony Abbott, can’t forgive […]

Family First in Forde: @stephaniedale22 reports

By Stephanie Dale 28 August 2013 Family First candidate for Forde Amanda Best has stuffed a whole lotta life into her 34 years. As a teenager she survived anorexia and was a ward of the state, in her early 20s she was a pastor in a community church, in her late 20s she survived a plane […]

Forde candidates Q & A: @stephaniedale22 reports

By Stephanie Dale @stephaniedale22 20 August 2013 A week ago today, No Fibs put a series of questions to Forde candidates via email. In the interests of fair play, we put the same questions to each one of the contenders for your vote. We did this in order to line up our candidates at the starting line, […]