Margo’s live twitter report from #leardblockade Days 5 and 6

Storify by The Geek Tue, Jan 21 2014 01:01:12 Headline? Margo’s live twitter report from #leardblockade Day 4 to 6 Add to story or collection Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Share on Pinterest Share on Google+ Share on Linkedin Share by email Gomeroi people to ask minister Hunt for stop work after miners deface […]

Spin the Voter Propaganda Wheel: Power and Persuasion

How to play the ‘Spin the Voter’ Propaganda Wheel. Spin the wheel and select your preferred technique. Pick your favourite real life example from Australian (or other countries’) politics and/or election campaigning to match it. Submit your example  in the comments below or by using the hashtag #spinthevoter in a tweet or on Facebook. Add the #ausvotes hashtag if there’s room. […]