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Sat, May 18 2013

Talking Pictures

My week on twitter 13 May to 19 May 2013. Some pics from me, some pics retweeted by me and some pics sent to me.

  1. @Caroleina2 Here :)
    Created by @Vic_Rollison @KayRollison
  2. Twice #NDIS related legislation was introduced. Who turned up for work? Our esteemed media say LNP own it? #AusPol
  3. Latest #Auspol blockbuster from Fox Studios. @CraigEmersonMP gives it a **** rating…
  4. Media role in creating false narratives #auspol #ausmedia
  5. @Qldaah @geeksrulz
    WHINEY piney’s normal worst. more if he ever becomes Ed. Min. Can one imagine? BWAHAHA
  6. PM Gillard’s words VS Abbott’s words. You be the judge! #AusPol

  7. Please RT if you’re not proud of the TAFE “reforms” executed by @Vic_Premier and the Liberals #springst #PAEC
  8. ABC Balance RT @davidbewart: ABC news 24 policy
  9. Twitter / geeksrulz: Mr Abbott & LNP launch …
    Women of calibre . . .
  10. Can Mining Survive The Gillard Government? #auspol #ausbiz #ausecon
  11. @geeksrulz Geek, you left out another dearest family member
  12. Somewhere, over the rainbow, Liberals cry. But only when they can’t avoid paying their fair share of tax.
  13. RT“@markoshea75: Can someone point this out to Gina Rinehart”” #auspol
  14. The letter sent by Warren Entsch refusing the ‘pair’ for Michelle Rowland due to her sick child. #auspol
  15. Abbott’s delay to the super increase will leave you $127,000 worse off at retirement. No, this is not a joke #auspol
  16. .@geeksrulz Tony Abbott knows all about waste #auspol >>
  17. RT @geeksrulz: Abbott: “You can’t spend what you do not have.” @TonyAbbottMHR #auspol #budget2013 #auspol
  18. Don’t let Tony Abbott spread lies about Labor’s economic record! The truth needs to be known! #auspol
  19. BREAKING : Tony’s New Billboard on Superannuation: #auspol #ausvotes (via @kev_martin)
  20. It just doesn’t get any clearer than this. ALP versus LNP fiscal performance #auspol #abcnews24
  21. @bridgetabbott Are you proud of this? MT @geeksrulz:Surely we can have a kinder gentler polity #auspol #budgetreply”
  22. @geeksrulz Abbott choses inflamatory words cos they sound good – truth is irrelevant to this Roman Catholic.
  23. I’m so glad Abbott mentioned that 16 members of his front bench were previous Ministers… #AusPol
  24. Best bumper sticker ever! #auspol #tonyabbott
  25. The “Treaty of Whyalla” splits Australia between Toryland in the South & Rinehartland in the North. #auspol
  26. Awesome… RT @RedheadEdition This made me smile so hard
    Share it? She’s glowing!
  27. Dated Tuesday: the contentious application for a ‘pair’ which the LNP apparently refused.
    Via @firstdogonmoon
  28. RT @geeksrulz: Stuntboy learning all about Hockeynomics from Eleventy: Budget Reply for Dummies #Hockeynomics101
  29. BREAKING: Budget Reply Speech Leaked. #auspol #qt
  30. @DrWom @geeksrulz @zackster
    TA -What’s this BIG word here Joe?
    Joe – umm fucked if I know!!??
  31. RT @geeksrulz
    Warrent Entsch: “People’s obligation in the first instance is to be in this Parliament.” #AusPol #QT
  32. MT“@geeksrulz: So proud of their colouring in work at the Parliamentary Creche. Much better effort than running away”
  33. MT “@deanhepburn: Talking about Julie Bishop….here is what a right wing reporter thought of her. #auspol”
  34. Eleventy Joe seeks advice on his budget response…
  35. Hockeynomics Explained: Putting the Magic back into Puddings #auspol #qt
  36. Bahahaha haha.
  37. Memory lane: Costello’s last 3 budgets featured massive handouts now being unwound. More:…
  38. @PMOPressOffice @LoughnaneB #TonyAbbott #NDISNov 2012 2013 important for #LNP
  39. LNP concern about about “Illegal Boats” & crocodile tears about asylum seekers. #auspol
  41. Eleventy briefing Stuntboy on his Budget Reply: Bad Guvmint #auspol #qt
  42. RT @geeksrulz: Hockeynomics will deliver magic surpluses #auspol #qt
  43. What Wayne Swan thinks of his #budget this year.. @channeltennews #tennews #npc
  44. You want nuance by the press? I give you nuance x eleventy. #NPC #auspol
  45. Out of #Auspol left field, Tony and Joe’s Jesuit educations prompted a divinely-inspired new plan for the disabled.
  46. @geeksrulz #auspol LNP ‘We will do it better, better , better, better’ Did we say ‘better’
  47. Treasury found double counting & questionable assumptions amounting to $11 billion. #auspol
  48. Tony Abbott: “We have supported the #NDIS every step of the way” May 15th Levy introduction #auspol #DIsabilityCare
  49. The House of Representatives as PM @JuliaGillard introduces legislation to cover some of the costs of DisabilityCare
  50. #auspol Gillard passes 500 pieces of legislation, Abbott’s got a pamphlet! hahahaha!
  51. Fellow voters. Here’s a reminder for you.#austPol
  52. simply extraordinary astronaut photo MT @DiscoverMag
    sand dunes seen from space, by @yulsman
  53. It took Einstein to work out how Hockeynomics works: Hockeynomics =Voodoo Magic Pudding MSM x Eleventy #auspol
  54. @vogrady2132 @geeksrulz just #juvenilejoe being his usual ridiculous self
  55. LULZ! “@geeksrulz: Impressed w Mr Abbott that he is getting involved in this worthy cause to raise comm. awareness”
  56. Friends don’t let friends grow nasal hair. #auspol
  57. Shorter Treasurer @SwannyDPM : We keep them BISONs rampaging
  58. John Howard actually telling the truth about our economy! #AusPol
  59. @z3n_digital @CarmelNunan @GeorgeBludger @frankscan65 @geeksrulz so that’s the cost of his 3 year election campaign
  60. @geeksrulz: Impressed with Mr Abbott that he is getting involved in this worthy cause to raise community awareness.
  61. RT “@geeksrulz: Abbott reacts to positive job figures. #auspol”
  62. @BruceBillsonMP How is your mate Scott Driscoll these days. Still see him as often as before? #auspol #qldpol
  63. People who say Mr Abbott is not visionary and cannot follow through with his vision are plain wrong. #auspol
  64. Numpty News:
    @JoeHockey ‘s budget response leaked, ‘deconstructed’ transcript below
  65. On #Slynews Christopher Pyne: Aust’s economy is very weak & most countries are doing better, you meanz like this?
  66. “@geeksrulz: Newspapers will have you hating the people being oppressed, & loving the people doing the oppressing.”
  67. Fellowship of the Shadows: Stuntboy decides who joins the Boys Club & gender allowed to join.#WomenOfCalibre #auspol

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  1. Total brilliance. Loved every one. Great work out there!

  2. Priceless.

  3. More, give me more, and I know there’s much, much more

  4. Joy Cooper says

    Excellent, The Geek. It says it all. .