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The 8,536 holes in Adani jobs plan  - The Qld Weekly blogazine

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8,536 holes in Adani jobs plan.
(May 2, 2015) – Released: Qld Integrity Commissioner advice to LNP Ray Stevens.
(May 1, 2015) – All Labor’s fault.
(April 30, 2015) – $70 million ‘Strong Choices’ bill.
(April 29, 2015) – Newman and Seeney drop Alan Jones defamation case.
(April 28, 2015) – Power deregulation review.
(April 27, 2015) – Whole lot of guff.
(April 26, 2015) – Careflight is go.


8,536 holes in Adani jobs plan

The Courier Mail - Hole Lot of Love - April 16 2015.

The Courier Mail – Hole Lot of Love – April 16 2015.

Making The Courier Mail front page on April 16, 2015, John McCarthy wrote a glowing reference for coal miners Adani over their planned Carmichael coal mine: “The early construction works of what will be Australia’s biggest coal mine will generate about 400 jobs, but 4150 jobs are predicted in construction and another 3800 when the mine starts operating in 2017.”: Adani’s Carmichael coal mine a step closer.

An interview with Adani Australian boss Jeyakumar Janakaraj resulted in a claim of, “The jobs would effectively compensate for almost half the 10,000 jobs lost in the coal industry since the boom ended, but almost all the jobs at Carmichael mine will be fly-in, fly-out because the closest town, Clermont, is 160km away.”

However, things began to unravel on the claims of so many jobs as a land court heard from an expert witness. Adani is currently in court with conservation group, Coast and Country, who are seeking to have the mine refused on environmental grounds.

Joshua Robertson reported, “The figures are a far cry from the 10,000 jobs and $22bn Adani has used in seeking government approval for the mine and a public relations campaign aimed at negating public opposition over its impact on the Great Barrier Reef through shipping and emissions.”: Adani coalmine would not deliver jobs and royalties promised, land court hears.

Things soured further when ABC Media Watch aired on Monday labelling The Courier Mail’s front page, “Whole lot of guff”. The program spoke to Adrian Hart of BIS Shrapnel who stated, “It would take a considerable improvement in coal prices to justify this project. It’s certainly not 100 per cent certain that it’s going to happen.”

It also interviewed Matthew Trivett, Research Analyst for Patersons Securities who said, “I can’t believe anyone would believe it’s happening without the financing being in place first.”

Adani had also been promising since 2011 to start the mine’s construction by 2013; “Carmichael Coal Mine and Rail Project SEIS – Volume 2 – Mine Studies 13 November 2013”.

Another report by Joshua Robertson found that, “The Indian mining giant Adani would pay no corporate tax on Australia’s largest proposed coalmine, the Carmichael mine in central Queensland, because it was certain to operate at a loss, the state land court has heard. Energy industry analyst Tim Buckley told the court it was “categorically” his opinion that the Adani mine would not make a profit on the lower quality thermal coal it planned to export to Asia amid a long term decline in worldwide prices.”: Expert says Carmichael mine losses would negate Adani’s need to pay tax.

Finally, in his analysis, Fairfax business columnist, Michael West, wrote, “The week had begun poorly for the Indian conglomerate. It had long claimed its Carmichael mine in the Galilee Basin would deliver $22 billion in taxes and royalties. However, its own expert witness, Dr Jerome Fahrer, admitted to a figure of $7.8 billion. This $14 billion black hole was rivalled on Tuesday when Adani’s myth of humungous job creation was also pulverised. No, 10,000 jobs would not arise, as the company had claimed, rather 1464 jobs would be generated in each year. It is a neat coincidence that both its jobs claims and its tax claims were inflated by 270 per cent.”: Adani gilded lily is far from rolled gold.

It appears neither Adani or The Courier Mail have any idea what they are talking about. , John McCarthy wasn’t saying much this week except to heed the state government’s advice to wait for the court process to complete.


(May 2, 2015) – Released: Qld Integrity Commissioner advice to LNP Ray Stevens

Dancing Ray Stevens Skyride not so pure

Live bating investigation

  • Beth Newman reported, “Animal Liberation Queensland president Chay Neal says the Queensland government has been too quiet in the aftermath of the greyhound live baiting scandal. Mr Neal said authorities had been too slow to deal with the matter since April, when it was revealed live baiting was happening, despite Racing Queensland banning 20 trainers for life. A joint RSPCA and Queensland Police Service task force has also charged fourteen Queensland trainers with 53 separate charges, with the accused appearing in court in recent weeks.”: Live baiting: Government too slow to act, say animal advocates.


(May 1, 2015) – All Labor’s fault

Business confidence down, Nicholls blames Labor

Inquiry into organised crime

  • Rae Wilson reported, “An inquiry into organised crime, which will scrutinise the LNP’s tough anti-bikie laws, is calling for submissions. Labor has claimed the problem with the former Newman Government laws was that they focused too much on bikie gangs instead of a wider scope organised crime fighting strategy.”: Labor calls for public comment on anti-bikie laws.
  • Sarah Elks reported, “The role of lawyers, real estate agents and financial advisers in laundering cash for crime gangs will be investigated for the first time in Australia by Queensland’s landmark organised crime inquiry. In an interview with The Australian, Commissioner Michael Byrne QC also revealed he was duty-bound to investigate government corruption if presented with compelling evidence, and said he would consider recommending US-style anti-racketeering laws for Queensland if convinced they would work.”: ‘It’s all on the table’ in Queensland crime inquiry.

Newman’s destruction to North Queensland forests

  • Andrew Picone wrote, “Palaszczuk needs to move fast to undo Newman’s destructive legacy in north Queensland forests, writes the Australian Conservation Foundation’s Andrew Picone. Even though the Newman government was voted out of office earlier this year, the wave of environmental destruction set off by the previous government continues to sweep across Queensland. Newman’s legacy and that of his LNP Party, now in opposition, was to reverse, wind-back and dismantle more than a decade’s worth of environmental protection.”: Undoing Newman’s legacy of destruction in North Queensland forests.

Call to end parliamentary committees

Carmody crisis in Daniel Morcombe case

  • Sarah Elks reported, “Under-fire chief justice Tim Carmody has warned lawyers for Daniel Morcombe’s murderer they’ll need to be “armed to the teeth” to disqualify him from deciding the killer’s appeal. Brett Peter Cowan’s legal team are demanding Justice Carmody be excluded from delivering his judgment on the high-profile case on the grounds of “apprehended bias”, after he held a private meeting with child protection advocate Hetty Johnston in April. In a tense directions hearing before the full bench of the state’s Court of Appeal late this afternoon, the state’s controversial top judge made it clear he would not go without a fight. Justice Carmody asked barrister Peter Davis QC, for Cowan, if he would have the necessary legal precedents ready by next week. Mr Davis: “Armed to the teeth, Your Honour.” Stony-faced, Justice Carmody said: “Good. You’ll need to be.””: Carmody warning to Brett Peter Cowan’s legal team.

LNP state director quits

  • ABC News Queensland reported, “Queensland LNP’s state director has quit in the wake of the party’s shock election loss. Brad Henderson has been at the helm of the LNP in Queensland since 2012 and was campaign director for the January election, which saw then premier Campbell Newman lose his seat and Labor take power. Mr Henderson’s resignation will not take effect until after the party’s annual convention in July. In a statement, he said he has always taken full responsibility for the LNP’s campaign.  “I have thrown my all into the role and have worked hard to lift the professionalism, relevance and competitiveness of the party,” he said.”: LNP state director Brad Henderson quits post, ‘bitterly disappointed’ over election loss.


(April 30, 2015) – $70 million ‘Strong Choices’ bill

Taxpayers foot $70m bill for ‘Strong Choices’

  • Melinda Howells reported, “Queensland’s ousted Liberal National Party government spent $70 million preparing for asset leases that will now not go ahead, Treasurer Curtis Pitt says. Mr Pitt said the LNP-led government spent $20 million on advertising, with the remainder going towards lawyers, consultants and scoping studies. Known as Strong Choices, the leasing program was a key part of the LNP’s election platform, but the policy was dumped when the Newman government was defeated in January.”: LNPs ‘Strong Choices’ plan cost Queenslanders $70 million, Treasurer Curtis Pitt says.
  • Amy Remeikis reported, “It turns out the state’s budget took a strong hit from the former Queensland government’s Strong Choices plan. Treasurer Curtis Pitt said figures released to the current government showed more than $70 million had been spent on advertising, scoping studies and the like to prepare for the former government’s asset privatisation plan. Opposition Leader Lawrence Springborg said it was only right that the LNP prepared both Queenslanders and the assets for privatisation, but Mr Pitt, pre-empting what is going to be a fairly lacklustre budget, said it has left him with a hole.”: LNP’s Strong Choices cost more than $70 million.

Taxpayers foot legal bill for Campbell Newman

  • Sarah Elks reported, “Queensland taxpayers are still footing Campbell Newman’s legal bills as he defends himself against multi-million-dollar defamation suits from criminal lawyers and Clive Palmer. The Australian can reveal solicitor Chris Hannay and his son, Daniel, will pursue their $1.2 million Supreme Court case against the former premier despite his ousting from parliament at the January 31 state poll. “I’m not pulling out of that; there’s no way I’ll be withdrawing,” Mr Hannay said yesterday. He sued Mr Newman and ­former attorney-general Jarrod Bleijie in February last year after the politicians alleged that bikies’ lawyers were “part of the criminal gang ­machine”.”: Taxpayers still foot former premier Campbell Newman’s legal bills.

Casino for old Southport Hospital site

  • Tony Moore reported, “The Queensland government should allow the abandoned 3.4 hectare Southport Hospital site, which is up for sale, to be used for a new casino according to Gold Coast Mayor Tom Tate. Cr Tate said the government was building an integrated resort complex in Brisbane so the Gold Coast should have the same right. “The government has decided for an integrated resort in Brisbane,” Cr Tate said.”: Gold Coast Mayor Tom Tate wants Southport Hospital site to be new casino.

Lower power bills on the cards

TC Marcia – Sunwater’s dam release questioned

  • Matt Wordsworth reported, “The operator of central Queensland’s Callide Dam appears to have breached its own flood operation manual when it unleashed millions of tonnes of water due to Tropical Cyclone Marcia in February. The emergency release contributed to the flooding of hundreds of homes around Biloela and Jambin, and left downstream residents wondering why there was not a better warning system in place.”: Sunwater may have breached own manual with Callide Dam release during Cyclone Marcia.


(April 29, 2015) – Newman and Seeney drop Alan Jones defamation case

Acland mine spat comes to an end

  • Joshua Robertson reported, “Former Queensland premier Campbell Newman has dropped a defamation lawsuit against Alan Jones over the broadcaster’s attacks on his Liberal National government during the state election campaign in January. Newman and his former deputy Jeff Seeney, who had accused Jones of libel by suggesting they “prostituted” themselves in support of an LNP donor’s controversial coal mine, both filed notices to discontinue the legal action in the supreme court on Tuesday. Their lawsuit, which was followed by similar claims against Jones by former treasurer Tim Nicholls and ex-top bureaucrat Jon Grayson, took a form that suggested it was principally intended to gag Jones, some legal sources argued.”: Campbell Newman and Jeff Seeney drop defamation case against Alan Jones.
  • Ross Bowler wrote, “An understanding of normal litigation practice may give some insight into why Campbell Newman launched the Defamation proceedings against Alan Jones in the way that he did. One would normally expect relevant instructions to have been given from Campbell Newman to his Solicitors and they ask relevant questions of him to confirm his instructions and the nature of his complaint. There may also be some research needed on the part of the Solicitors to obtain relevant supporting material for the complaint.”: Defamation litigation may not stop the discussion.

Cost of Newman Government’s Strong Choices

Shane Doherty reported: Cost of Newman Govt's Strong Choices campaign for public relations was $20 million.

Shane Doherty reported: Cost of Newman Govt’s Strong Choices campaign for public relations was $20 million.


(April 28, 2015) – Power deregulation review

Newman’s power deregulation deferred until July 2016

Ten News Qld: 'Very low consumer awareness' - Mark Bailey defers power deregulation until July 2016.

Ten News Qld: ‘Very low consumer awareness’ – Mark Bailey defers power deregulation until July 2016.

Adani to create far fewer jobs

  • Jorge Branco reported, “Mining giant Adani has shrugged off accusations it exaggerated the number of jobs its massive Queensland coal mine would produce. Environmental organisation Coast and Country seized on revelations in court on Monday the Carmichael mega-mine in the Galilee Basin would create an average of 1464 jobs per year, not the 10,000 jobs figure more commonly associated with the project. The organisation is looking to block the mine in the Land Court of Australia, represented by lawyers from the Environmental Defenders Office Queensland. Coast and Country spokesman Derec Davies accused the Indian mining giant of misrepresenting the numbers.”: Adani Carmichael mine to create 1464 jobs, not 10,000.

Newman’s tower of power under review

  • 9 News Brisbane reported, “Queensland’s Labor government says it might not move into a controversial office tower destined to become one of the most visible features of Campbell Newman’s legacy. The former premier announced during his term a 258m-tall multi-purpose tower to house senior ministers and public servants, which is being constructed on previously undeveloped land on 1 William St in Brisbane’s CBD.”: Labor might not move into Newman’s tower.

Queensland MP Rob Pyne quits Facebook, Twitter

  • Kristy Sexton-McGrath reported, “A far north Queensland MP says he is quitting social media, blaming the media, political trolls and apparatchiks for his decision. Rob Pyne – the Labor member for the state electorate of Cairns and the first quadriplegic member of any Australian parliament – posted a message on Facebook saying he was not sure he could make a difference anymore. “I will be seeing out my term in the 55th Parliament (God willing) but my critics can vent their spleen in the media (social and mainstream) in the knowledge I am not paying them the slightest attention,” he wrote on Facebook, along with a swipe and a local newspaper and the LNP. “Between the media, political trolls and apparatchiks I am not sure one can make a big difference. No more social media from me until I can make sense of it.””: Queensland MP Rob Pyne quits Facebook, Twitter over ‘media, political trolls and apparatchiks’.


(April 27, 2015) – Whole lot of guff

The Courier Mail’s gushing Adani story exposed

  • ABC Media Watch reported, “Crucial information has gone missing in a Courier-Mail front page story on Adani Group’s Carmichael coal mine.”: Whole lot of guff.


(April 26, 2015) – Careflight is go

Careflight funding secured for 3 years


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