The Daily Telegraph coverage of the Slipper Scandal

  1. 12th December Justice Rares hands down his ruling

  2. When #Slipper allegations first broke Mal Brough in interviews accused journalists of conspiring with the government to discredit #Ashby
  3. Dip my hat to @latingle – she knew back in April there was something rotten in the Slipper hunt.…

  4. @GoneHomeR @auselectoralcom
    Appeal won’t stop intense investigation by journos – they will go for it after being Conned by Libs twice.
  5. MT “Every_Day_Man: @margokingston1 Thought this might be of interest:.…” One citizen’s reflection on an incredible week!
  6. 13th December 2012 -Media and Social Media coverage of Justice Rares ruling

  7. Given that Justice Rares basically said #AshbyGate was a plot to bring down the GovT why has no media outlet reported who is funding #Ashby?
  8. Wonder if any of Abbott’s secret donors to his plan to destroy Hanson in the courts funded #AshbyGate?
  9. Daily Telegraph ranks Ashby-Brough-LNP scandal behind ABolt anti-Labor diatribe & a story about Bundy the Dog riding on a motorbike #auspol
  10. The Daily Telegraph the day after Justice Rares ruling on 13th December 2012
  11. Have I missed something ? Oh no, there it is on p. 17.
  12. @CraigEmersonMP Didn’t The Tele go hard page 1 with the Ashby writ? Their scoop? Hardly fair to readers to downplay the result.
  13. .@margokingston1 Any further back in today’s Telegraph and the Brough-Ashby-LNP scandal would have made the sports section. #auspol
  14. @CraigEmersonMP
    In my opinion that is verging on corrupt and I would not consider the editor to be a journalist.
  15. Talk about burying a story @dailytelegraph. Page 17, really? Not even a rat cartoon this time #slipper #ashby
  16. @margokingston1 @CraigEmersonMP The headline ‘Court rejects Slipper case’ is wrong too. The court upheld Slipper’s case & rejected Ashby’s.
  17. @CraigEmersonMP @margokingston1 If it bleeds it leads, if it’s a smear let’s hear, if it’s the unadorned truth, Struth Mate how uncouth!
  18. If the Ashby/Slipper judgment had happened in the US, the Washington Post would be pouring all its investigative resources into it.
  19. Hockey lied about meeting Brough. Pyne lied about meeting Ashby. Brough lied about meeting Ashby. Bishop lied about Blewitt. See a pattern?
  20. @CraigEmersonMP Does the code of ethics have anything to say about such manifestly unfair coverage?
  21. @cameron1971 @craigemersonmp
    This the piece on P17 of Tele? Only one? No mention of comments re Tele’s reporter?…
  22. ‘From Watergate to Ashbygate – Front Pages on Slipper Scandal’
  23. @cameron1971 @margokingston1 Both are noble pursuits.As a well respected former member of Press Galley, Margot has standing.Her views count.
  24. @CraigEmersonMP @psyvret
    Who cares? Maybe an expert in press council process could draft a complaint and concerned citizens could sign up?
  25. @KasiaCichonska @cameron1971 @craigemersonmp Ok, how about an expert in press council complaints draft one up and concerned citizens sign up
  26. @CraigEmersonMP why aren’t MSM following this further? LNP had tried, convicted and hung slipper…now they go quiet. It’s v wrong.
  27. @MarkyMarcInc @CraigEmersonMP You tell me a media outlet that is impartial enough to report the Ashby affair with same dedication as AWU
  28. Ashby: Absolute privilege, Scandalous, damaging & irrelevant allegations & an Abuse of the Court process @mansillo
  29. @geeksrulz @SpudBenBean b/c sedition laws were amended to require ‘urging violence’, s28 Crimes Act is prob more applicable
  30. 14th December 2012

  31. How social media put truth into play on AWU smear… by @timdunlop. Reckon it was phase 1 of twitter blowback.
  32. To prepare complaint to press council re Tele coverage of #AshbyGate yesterday need archival references. Can you help?
  33. @margokingston1 @Pollytics The DT & stable-mates will plunge into an anechoic zone on this.
  34. “@geeksrulz: @SabraLane to PM: Has the Government over-egged this? – Here’s your answer Sabra”Our media is bent.

  35. Bought the papers today. Where r the news features, the reads, on #ashbygate? Where is the analysis, the questions on Ashby’s funding? …
  36. … In my day # ashbygate would have filled pages in news and on Sat. features. What has happened and why?Please explain! I’m in shock.
  37. @margokingston1 so true. A scathing court decision. Unknown funders. The @sortius blog – I don’t understand it all but seen no counterarg
  38. @MargaretOConno5 Left journalism 7 years ago. Withdrew from scene to recover my health. Is it speed of news? Fewer journos? Management?
  39. Help! Can’t find a news story on Gillard/Abbott response to #ashbygate in S or M Murdoch tabloids. Or any trace of story. Can’t be true.
  40. @lynlinking
    Could you help? Need a link to @latikambourke interview with Julie Bishop today…
  41. @lynlinking
    Could you help? Need a link to @latikambourke interview with Julie Bishop today…
  42. @margokingston1 @lynlinking @latikambourke Me too. Keen to know if JBishop was questioned on her lie about discussions with Blewitt.
  43. @ABCNews24 Hi. I’m told @latikambourke interviewed Julie Bishop this morning, but I can’t find a transcript. Could you direct me to it?
  44. I am appalled & disturbed at failure of @latikambourke to mention Ashby saga in Bishop interview. But won’t lodge complaint about a journo.
  45. I am and have always been a strong supporter of the ABC. Its complaints system is rigorous & fair. Any viewer can complain. I won’t.
  46. OK, is it incontrovertible that there is no mention of Ashby story or response of the PM/ Opposition leader in today’s Tele and Herald Sun?
  47. OK, is it incontrovertible that there is no mention of Ashby story or response of the PM/ Opposition leader in today’s Tele and Herald Sun?
  48. @margokingston1 There are quotes about it from Gillard, Abbott and Mike Kelly in the Tele’s “They Said It” section, but that looks like it
  49. @PollBludger Thank you, William. You got the page? Can’t find it. Herald Sun, anyone? Advertiser? Courier Mail? Gold Coast Bulletin? etc?
  50. @PollBludger Ok – anyone got or can get today’s hard copy Tele? Perhaps we could get the info for hard copy and online?
  51. @PeterLewisEMC @PollBludger Got it! Any info on Herald Sun, other Murdoch tabloids? Rumoured that M. journos told to write nothing…
  52. So what now for serous media? My June ideas and those of others in @abcthedrum at…. Maybe a Coalition of the Willing?
  53. @lynlinking @craigemersonmp
    I reckon undercover twitter transcript we got yesterday forced their hand.
  54. I’m not crazy – @THEMONTHLY also notes ‘scandalous’ lack of MSM interest’ in AshbyGate:…
  55. @benmoretti @funholeno_5 @watermelon_man @themonthly
    Ben, do u have a list of MSM editors? They are usually the problem, not the journos.
  56. @awelder your piece on media coverage of Abbott & Ashbygate great. No better read than one from a liberated insider.…

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