Twitter’s #Battlerort questions for @TonyAbbottMHR

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ABC Newcastle interviews Margo Kingston on Citizen Journalism


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EXCLUSIVE: Abbott forced to repay $9,400 he charged taxpayers to promote his book

Abbott’s #Battlerort lines collapse under @bkjabour questioning – join the conversation in comments.

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  1. Did Mr Abbott when touring promoting his book use Commonwealth Cars, and if he did, why then is he entitled to use them when on private business. Also, when doing his charity bike ride is he entitled to claim for travel expenses. Plus, why is he allowed to pay back the money but Mr Slipper isn’t allowed?

  2. Mr Abbott can you confirm your public statement that you do NOT claim travel expenses???

  3. Please explain what is different from Mr Slipper’s case? Why is there a perceived change in process dealing with Mr Slipper then Mr Abbott?

  4. I note than on Tony Abbot bike ride he claims for living away from home allowance. Is this justified given it is essentially a recreational holiday

  5. Is it true that the book Battlelines was written behind the closed door of the author’s parliamentary office in the days, weeks and or months following the 2007 ousting of the Howard government?
    Was the author being paid from the public purse while he penned his story?
    What office expenses were claimed for the writing of the book?

  6. Adrianna says

    Why has this article been pulled from the iPad Sydney a morning Herald? Hope this is not censorship

  7. Mr Abbott Do you consider that the Pollie Pedals ride is Official Business. If so how? If not why did you charge $345 a day expenses for every day on the 2011 ride?

  8. Joy Cooper says

    Actually I have a few questions to ask Tony Abbott.

    Question 1: Did you repay these expense claims out of your own pocket?

    Question 2: If not, who did pay them for you?

    Question 3: Have you claimed these expenses from your tax returns as a business expense?

    Question 4: Do you claim accommodation, travel & other expenses for participation in charity events such as Pollie Pedal or for your competing in fun runs, swims, bike rides, etc in a private capacity?

    Question 5: Do you accept gifts of clothing such as suits?

    Question 6: Do you accept gifts of bicycles & cycling gear?

    Question 7: If so do you declare these gifts?

    Not expecting any answers though.

  9. I taped this, in the midst of a conversation between David Bradbury & Greg Hunt on Rafael Epstein’s Fight Club, ABC 774, 10 July 2013.
    First re Slipper, then #battlerort, Greg Hunt said:
    “…broader allegations of dishonesty and the prosecutors have taken that to the courts. So obviously they believe there is a prima facie case of dishonesty which needs to be dealt with before the courts – express, serious and clear – and this was the person elevated to the speakership of the Parliament of Australia by the ALP.
    Secondly, in relation to Mr Abbott he, as I understand it, was the person who sought and made sure that not only was there repayment but there was clarification. It wasn’t his error but he sure took responsibility.”

    I’m looking for audio of the entire 774 Fightclub, 10/7/13 because Hunt said more about how Abbott instigated the repayment of the $9400 – previous to above excerpt.

  10. 116 National Circuit


    Act, 2600

    If anyone see “Slick” Abbott today, give him the above address and tell him to get his lycra clad arse over there.

    Plenty of Journalists there waiting to ask him a few question on behalf of the Australian voter.

    The National Press Club …. just in case he doesn’t know what to tell his Comcare driver.

  11. Make sure any answers are in writing, otherwise they are open for interpretation for truthfulness, according to Abbott that is.

  12. Mr Abbott – in October 2005 you did a charity run (well you actually WALKED most of the way in the back streets & RAN on the main roads for the cameras) with MP Pat Farmer – did you claim any expenses for the day seeing all food & refreshments were provided?

  13. Mr Abbott – would you support your daughter if she wanted to become a catholic priest? Would you use your considerable contacts and influence to campaign for change in respect of her wishes?

  14. Mr @TonyAbbottMHR, are you concerned that one of your fellow MPs and long time friends and long time LNP member, now Independent, is facing charges over $900 #auspol

  15. In light of your acknowledgement that you repaid illegal expense claims has the ATO audited your 2010,2011 tax returns “Slick” Abbott ?

  16. Mr Abbott – when you came to Port Macquarie for the Ironman triathalon did you stay at your good mate Dave Gillespie’s place (National candidate for Lyne)? Did he charge you $349 per day for his hospitality and was this parliamentary business?

  17. “Slick” Abbott in light of YOUR Office being unable to get YOUR expense claims right can the Australian public have the same confidence in your personal tax accountant ?

    Should you or Peta Credlin take responsibility for illegally claiming taxpayers monies ?

    What do you intend doing, considering it has now been 2 years, to reinstate confidence in the system ?

    If I may, could I suggest you send your (possibly illegal) CV to (another, without doubt “illegal”) Murdoch …. that’s if he hasn’t already hacked into your records.

  18. Tony Abbott’s claims fiasco evidences why we need the ‘red tape’ he wants to slash. Balances and checks in government identify mistakes made by sloppy administration in offices like Mr Abbott’s. While he might feel frustrated by stringent and prescribed procedures he surely can see how beneficial they are. In his case, $9,400 tax dollars has been returned to the public purse having been inadvertently paid to him. While media alerted the Department of Finance to his botched accounting, surely Mr Abbott now sees some red tape as being a form of prudent savings.

  19. Nifty_26 says

    Margo or Tony, I believe Bride may of got this bit wrong in her article today – link – last paragraph – This separate action has been taken because he is accused of knowingly misusing the cab vouchers. If the Finance Department found Slipper’s misuse of the cab vouchers was unintentional he would have been able to repay the money under the Minchin protocol. Yes it is a separate action but and this is the point Finance was not involved in the decision at all. This was not referred to finance it was due to (I believe) someone making a direct complaint to the AFP regarding the wineries. I know Ashby may of alleged stuff about the cabcharges, but this was dismissed (I believe) Why they delved deeper and further back into Slippers past I don’t know. Please correct me if I’m wrong but also asked bride to update the story if I’m correct.

  20. Nifty_26 says

    Margo – Saw your tweet. I’m not on twitter, but it seems I was correct – Thanks for asking her to update story with facts.

  21. nifty_26 says

    Margo – The (if) does not cut it in the article as it indicates or alludes to that finance was involved in some way when they were not (I believe). They were involved in the Ashby allegation and found nothing. but not this or these ones for the wineries. Also she in inferring that finance believe these were intentional not unintentional. Please ask her to prove her comments or amend.

  22. Nifty_26 says

    Margo from the daily tele article – Mr Slipper’s former adviser, James Ashby, alleged that he witnessed the former Speaker signing a series of blank Cabcharge dockets during trips to Sydney in early 2012. You notice he mentions the allegations from 2012 when Ashby alleged he saw Slipper sign the cabcharges, but the ones he is facing court for and relate to the $900.00 are from 2010 I believe. Please forward to Bride. PS she is a good reporter and I believe she will amend when shown.

    • I have notified Bridie in several tweets. A Finance Dept letter to Slipper confirmed it had no concerns about the 2010 travel in question until AFTER the AFP began investigating them. See my story ‘A familiar smell…’
      I have lodged an FOI with the AFP to find out who asked the police to investigate the 2010 travel.

      • Joy Cooper says

        This affair certainly has an all too familiar stench emanating from it, Margo. It will be very interesting to see if you are allowed to get to the bottom of it all.

  23. When you do your firefighting activities, have any fire tenders or crew been pulled from operational duties for your press events? How many hours did you donate to firefighting last year which didn’t involve media events?

  24. When you visited the troops in Afghanistan you spent longer with the troops than normal politicians do and you experienced equipment etc,not usually available to non military personnel. How much did this cost the Army? As there was no operational reason for you to be there, did you or the Coalition reimburse the army out of your campaign funds? On a related topic, since you have been Opposition leader, how much have members of the opposition cost government departments in attending events or programs or through FOI requests or requests for formal briefings? If you become Prime Minister and cut departmental budgets, will you allow the new opposition to use departmental resources in a similar way?

  25. You have claimed responsibility for introducing the first Green Corps scheme back in 1997, when you were a Parliamentary Secretary. The first round of Green Corps was delivered by Conservation Volunteers Australia and they were not required to tender for the first few years of Green Corps, despite the amount of money involved above the threshold for public tender and other organisations also being qualified to deliver the scheme. When the department eventually threw the scheme open to tender, Conservation Volunteer Australia were not successful. At that time you were Minister for Employment and Conservation Volunteers Australia were granted a contract to be the sole providers of Green Reserve under the Work for the Dole Scheme, Was this open to public tender? In discussing your proposed new Green Army, you have already promoted the credentials of Conservation Volunteers Australia. What is your relationship to Conservation Volunteers Australia? Can you confirm if the delivery of the Green Army will be subject to normal tendering processes?

  26. Does holding a press conference during a bike ride/fun run/surf event really enable an MP to claim it’s “official business”?

    If not, then why did you make all those claims?

    If so, do you believe this is a legitimate and justifiable use of taxpayers’ money?

  27. Kim Wright says

    I may be churlish, but should taxpayers be footing the accommodation and food bills for Mr Abbotts two well over 18 ,daughters ( they do I believe live at the Lodge) while they await their Prince Charmings of high calibre

  28. Douglas Edwards says

    Mr Abbott are your visits to volunteer in indigenous communities funded by taxpayers and if so what are the costs that are covered?

  29. How does the LNP justify the tens of thousands of taxpayers dollars spent pursuing Peter Slipper through the courts and wasting police time on investigating his rorts when he could have simply repaid it when caught out like everybody else. Will Mal Brough be liable to repay any of the taxpayers money he has wasted on court costs.