Two Thousand Attend Perth March in August: Rick Hoyle – Mills @RickHM reports

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  1. Great article, Rick. Thank you for your dedication in driving so far to attend the March in August.

    When will the MSM wake up from their Murdoch-led stupor & start taking these marches seriously, or, at least, stop minimising their significance. That is when they actually report on them. Usually they just ignore them or mock the participants & give grossly deflated numbers of marchers.

  2. Hey Rick, I must have seen you there! I’m penciled in for all the Perth demonstrations but I live in the metro area … much more convenient for me. So great that you made it:)
    2,000 strong … I wish it was triple that! I’m forever racking my brains to figure out how to get more people involved. One of the big problems is spreading the word. I continually talk to friends and people I meet (ie shop assistants) and, regarding the latter, not a single one has been aware of a local march or demonstration. Frustrating. Even people who are regularly online are unlikely to be aware unless they gravitate towards political sites.
    Would be good to get some good ideas, especially since even I get surprised by various ‘actions’ that I missed or almost missed.
    So speaking of actions/marches or whatever, this coming Sunday (21 September) I’m hearing/reading about two separate marches. The first for International Peace Day and the second on Climate Action related to the UN Climate Summit to be held on the same day. Two worthy causes for which to wear out our boot leather … what a shame they clash. I think they are both worldwide actions but it’s tricky getting information on times and places here in WA, maybe also in other States. Tentatively I’ve discovered the Climate March is at Russell Square, Perth at 1pm and there is a Peace Gathering at Fremantle (Bather’s Beach) at around 10 in the morning. Anyone interested please check for yourselves, don’t rely on me. There may also be a Peace March in Perth itself and, of course there are Marches in other cities … good luck everyone in researching the particulars! As a start there is a Facebook Page for ‘People’s Climate Mobilisation but not sure about a comprehensive page for the Peace Rallies. They may be being organised individually because the Fremantle Council is organising the one near me.