Ursula Nolks

Oma & Enkel

After arriving in Darwin with my husband and son in July 1983, we fell in love with Darwin and decided to stay for a while (still in Darwin),

In January 1984 I decided to find some employment and was successful to start working (out of six (6) other applicants) in February 1984 with a local Air Charter Company as engineering secretary and was later involved with check in and check out of passengers and taking bookings. I stayed with this company till 1995 when I decided to work in our own growing business.
From 1995 until the sale of our business in 2009 I was self employed. We were forced to sell the business to help to pay the legal costs for our son’s court case with the builder of his home. We did this as a family and we try to stay and fight together any way we have to.
In July 2010 I returned to the workforce as administration officer with a local removalist company and have worked there ever since. The way we have been brought up we do not live on handouts from government or other organisations – we like to support ourselves. So we have never been on any social benefits. We worked and are still working to support ourselves.
With all this stress with the immigration department my husband had to give up work early last year after the department told us we had to leave the country. After fighting this decision ever since the stress and his heart condition has prevented him going back to work, although he would get his former job and position back. But we need certainty about what will happen to us.
As I am very concerned and afraid that something bad will happen to my husband of 43 years, I am just hoping this whole saga will be ending soon in a good way for us so we can live our golden years together in the country we love and call home.