Alice Thompson calls for greater transparency in parliament: @margokingston1 #MackellarVotes #Watergate #podcast

In the wake of the ongoing #Watergate scandal, Margo Kingston (@margokingston1) talks to Alice Thompson (@Indy_Ally) Independent candidate for the Sydney Northern Beaches electorate of Mackellar. Alice provides further insight and context to Margo regarding her recent Twitter thread about integrity in government.

Alice Thompson’s Tweet coincided with what many have described as a ‘trainwreck’ interview on ABC RN Drive (@RNDrive) with Patricia Karvelas (@PatsKarvelas) and Barnaby Joyce (@Barnaby_Joyce) [listen here]

I’ll actually take action to clean up government. I see it as so fundamental for every decision across every portfolio, now and into the future. This is really an urgent priority, and they’ve shown that they are okay with a lack of transparency.

Alice Thompson

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  1. How did a company based in Cayman Islands manage to own ‘water rights’?