What’s happened to our ABC? The Juliar ‘typo’ and cases like Bolt where ABC does say sorry…

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  1. All I can do is shake my head. How the mighty ABC has fallen. Bloodied and bowed by the conservatives. Eaten out from within.

  2. I will believe the ABC is not bias against Labor when it captions a photo of Tony Abbott with his name spelled Tony Rabbott and then corrects it.

  3. The Liberal National Party should now call itself The Illiberal National Party. It’s more than appropriate due to its political philosophy of the past twenty years.

  4. Incredible archive Geek. So sad, how the bully Lib-Murdoch papers partnership renders the ABC timid. In retrospect, I think that timidity is why The Drum reneged on its agreement to run my Abbott slush fund piece. It faces current (News Limited) and future (Abbott government) ball-crushing enemies.

  5. PS: IMO the ABC would do better to hold its nerve and fearlessly fulfil its charter for reasons I set out at http://www.twitlonger.com/show/kp9al4

  6. I believe the ABC is following FOX in America. They do the same, interrrupt and do not let interviewee answer the questions. Margo check this out. ABC is now the FOX in Australia. Maybe not going to get rid of ABC at all, but keeping as FOX of Australia. It is cheap as public are paying for ABC. Or maybe Murdoch is assisting as well.

  7. sulphurcrested says

    The right wing wreckers and greedy power brokers take everything that is good in a society and trash it. They are a threat to everyone and everything good, that countless people have striven and worked for.
    They are third rate thugs and fascist trash.

  8. That’s a truly damning collection of examples, and well put together.

    I’d like to re-blog this with attribution (and link) on the Conscience Vote, please. Drop me a line to let me know if that’s okay.

  9. Here are some ABC journos that @abcmarkscott did not defend. http://t.co/pH4OfsOYE8 #lateline

  10. What’s happened to our ABC? The Juliar ‘typo’ and cases where ABC does say sorry… http://t.co/pH4OfsOYE8 #auspol #thedrum #lateline #abc730