1. Boy Noely, you sure are on fire today. Sometimes its good to have a little down time from politics doesn’t it, ‘tho I do hope your hiatus was for good reasons, not bad ones.
    As for ‘Team Australia’, please note that the initials say the most TA. Guess that the man cannot get away from slogans or his ego. At the moment his overseas visit (yet again) is to try to gain some brownie points for himself, but I reckon that most thinking people can see through that little lurk.
    As for the rest of that dreadful front bench, you know, the ones who are also hell-bent on destroying this country, well what can you say that can describe them properly without becoming crude & unrefined here. I just keep waiting for this stupid inane govt. to implode even further with great relish.
    If everyone who is waiting for the ALP to get stuck into the Libs, they might have to sait a little longer. I think they realized quite a long time ago that the MSM & Murdoch are controlling what we should see, hear & think. Truths have been hidden from us forever haven’t they. It has taken their silence to actually highlight (or should I say), give daylight to just how the LNP had no ideas except those of the IPA and we are becoming more & more aware of who really is running the show.
    I read just recently Rob Oakshot’s speech he gave to the Wheeler foundation. I really wish that we had more people like & him & Tony Windsor still in the parliament. Perhaps we could tap Rob on the shoulder & ask him if he would be interested in starting up a party of independents, you know, those people who really want to fend for the people who live in their electorates & are not beholden to the right or left of the parties who only want to stay in power.
    Hope you can keep up your great articles Noely, I personally thoroughly enjoy them.

  2. John Fraser says


    Yep !

    Pretty much nailed all the "good" stuff Noely.

    With 6.8% unemployed in Queensland and worse to come in next months figures it might be best to go AWOL again.

    Next war coming up compliments of Abbott … might be best to go AWOL again.

    Drought biting hard and Abbott/newman have nothing to say ….. might be best to go AWOL again.

    Golly gosh Noely I don't know what to advise you to do …… have you thought about going AWOL again ?

    On the bright side …. seeing as you live in Queensland your cheques from the repeal of the Carbon Initiatives should be arriving soon and newman's election promise to "lower the cost of living" should start kicking in.

    Should you decide to go AWOL again keep your voting details up to date in the unlikely case the gutless bully Abbott decides to call an election.


  3. WOW Noely cooking with gas now! Maybe you needed a break to recharge the batteries, but as you have pointed out there is so much fodder coming from this joke of a Government who has got the time to keep up with it all? I am curious to know how Hockey can smoke as many cigars as he does with his foot in his mouth so often? :/

  4. Good on yer Noely – I assume you’re one of us Sunny Coasters who didn’t vote for Clive then? Hot Tip: To avoid my metadata being flogged off to the highest bidder, I’m thinking of becoming a ham radio operator. That form of communication hasn’t been digitised yet, has it?