A record of David Thiessen’s (@zaclynews) ongoing obsessive stalking of No Fibs with his Twittter TrollBot Army

Should we call @vicpolice or an ambulance for David Thiessen’s disturbed, obsessive and abusive stalking of No Fibs. David is an UeberTroll. A delusional middle aged script kiddie who thinks he can control the world, Twitter and political outcomes from his keyboard with an army of Trollbots on behalf of his beloved Liberal Party of Australia.

He has no life and spends most of his time on his computer thinking up fantastic scenarios with him wearing a superhero cape in his Y-fronts. We are no experts but it seems the attention he is devoting to No Fibs is a tad obsessive, bordering on the pathological. Methinks somebody call a wambulance already :)


Background information on David Thiessen and his spambot troll army
When blocking a troll escalates risk of troll-harm: A @geeksrulz investigation
Please block and report whenever you are passing another Noobs trollbot. Twitter instructions on how to block trolls.

@zaclynews NoFibs stream

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@zaclynews Tony Yegles stream

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@zaclynews Margo Kingston stream

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@zaclynews Wayne Jansson stream

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DisUnited States Of Noobs – You Are Passing Another Noobs TrollBot

David Thiessen has multiple twitter account personalities and impersonations disorder. He uses @SageofCaution and @ZaclyNews as his main accounts. His own account @dotnetnoobie and others have been censored/filtered out of #auspol by Twitter. He also runs or ran until suspended the following accounts and websites:

Noobs Twitter handlesSpamBotsWebsitesTrollHunters
The information on the Noobs Spam and Troll Bot Army has been compiled by these Top Trollhunters:
and many others before them.
For any suggestions or useful information on trolls and their activities contact me via @geeksrulz.
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David Thiessen’s @geeksliez impersonator account of @geeksrulz

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David Thiessen @zaclynews slander and defamation against @forthleft @geeksrulz @AshGhebranious

The slanderous and defamatory image is not republished here but the link below is part of the evidence gathering and links to the original @zaclynews tweet:

@ZaclyNews: Stop these Home Grown Extremists, Spreading Bigotry, Defamation and Hate
Tim Jones @forthleft: This turned up in my mailbox..@AshGhebranious can you tell me who the other dangerous character is?

Please Note: Block and report when you are passing another Noobs trollbot.
Twitter instructions on how to block trolls