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Advancing Queensland - Palaszczuk Government’s maiden budget.

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 Advance Queensland – Palaszczuk’s maiden budget.
(July 17, 2015) – LNP attacks Police Minister.
(July 16, 2015) – Justice Margaret Wilson to head Barrett Inquiry.
(July  15, 2015) – Post-budget day.
July  14, 2015) – Budget day.
(July  13, 2015) – Pre-budget eve.
(July 12, 2015) – Springborg to appear in the dock.

Advance Queensland – Palaszczuk’s maiden budget

Despite her political detractors saying she wouldn’t last, Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk will deliver her first budget on her 151st day in government.


(July 17, 2015) – LNP attacks Police Minister

Queensland Clerk of Parliament Neil Laurie

Patrick Condren reported: Qld Clerk of Parliament Neil Laurie places his head on the desk before Speaker Peter Wellington during attacks on Police Minister Jo-Ann Miller.

Patrick Condren reported: Qld Clerk of Parliament Neil Laurie places his head on the desk before Speaker Peter Wellington during attacks on Police Minister Jo-Ann Miller.


(July 16, 2015) – Justice Margaret Wilson to head Barrett Inquiry

Seeking the truth for families

  • Tony Moore reported, “A former judge of Queensland’s Mental Health Court will run a four-month commission of inquiry into the previous state government’s decision to close Queensland’s only adolescent psychiatric facility without providing alternative care. The commission of inquiry was promised by Labor after three teenagers who had been cared for at the centre committed suicide in the eight months after the facility was closed in January 2014. Talieha Nebauer, 17 and 18-year-olds Will Fowell and Caitlin Wilkinson-Whiticker all committed suicide within eight months of leaving the Barrett Adolescent Centre at Wacol. Parents in July 2014 called for an inquiry after the second suicide.” Inquiry into Barrett Centre closure after suicides of three teenagers.

Qld Treasury review of state finances

  • Mark Ludlow reported, “Queensland has no chance of reclaiming the AAA credit rating in the near term, a review by the state’s Treasury has found, saying the drastic cuts needed were not realistic. The Treasury review, overseen by new Under Treasurer and former Commonwealth bureaucrat Jim Murphy, paints a dire forecast of the former boom state’s finances saying Queensland faced “ongoing revenue challenges”. “Under current economic circumstances, it is neither necessary nor wise in terms of the magnitude of the policy adjustments required to pursue a return to AAA in the near term,” the review said. “It is however important for Queensland to have a strong and stable credit rating to ensure orderly access to capital markets at a reasonable price. The fact remains the state has the ability to give effect to a substantial reduction in debt should the circumstances require it.””: Qld budget: no return to AAA in near term.
  • Under Treasurer Jim Murphy’s full review of state finances.


(July 15, 2015) – Post-budget day


  • Dr Chris Salisbury wrote, “As part of its state budget package presented today, the Palaszczuk government in Queensland is investing A$180 million in a push to get industry, universities and government collaborating to create new jobs and drive investment in knowledge-based sectors of the state’s economy. The Advance Queensland program proposes to build upon the research base created by previous state Labor governments.”: Queensland Budget 2015: Back on track to smart state.

Technologists impressed

  • Yolanda Redrup reported, “Queensland tech entrepreneurs have cautiously welcomed a $76 million injection into the state’s start-up sector in Tuesday’s budget, which is aimed at helping create global giants in the Sunshine State. The measures, aimed at nurturing high-growth, technology-based businesses, included $24 million for the creation of the Startup Queensland program and $52 million to improve the access to finance and management support for startups and small businesses.”: Queensland’s $76 million start-up pitch impresses tech entrepreneurs.

He who would be Premier

LNP wants more pollies

  • Amy Remeikis reported, “The last thing Queensland wants “is more politicians”, Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said, as the LNP calls for a review into the number of seats in the Queensland Parliament. The last time there was a boundary redistribution was in 2008. The last time Queensland saw its number of seats increase was in 1985 when it jumped from 82 seats to 89.”: Queenslanders don’t want ‘more politicians’: premier.
  • FlashBack November 25, 2013 – Brisbane times reported, “The Queensland premier has dismissed calls for the reintroduction of an upper house amid claims his government has scant regard for democracy. The government last week sacked the entire parliamentary committee that oversees Queensland’s corruption watchdog, accusing it of bias. Critics say the government is attacking the committee system of checks and balances, which was put in place after the landmark Fitzgerald corruption inquiry.”: Queenslanders don’t want more pollies: Newman.


(July 14, 2015) – Budget day

Advance Qld – Budget surplus

  • Jessica van Vonderen reported, “The Queensland Government is forecasting the biggest budget surplus in nine years, with a plan to reduce debt, but will make changes to public service leave and superannuation schemes to achieve it. Treasurer Curtis Pitt handed down a $49.9 billion budget today, with a key focus on jobs, health and education.The budget is predicted to achieve a $962 million operating surplus in 2014-15, rising to $1.2 billion in 2015-16.”: Queensland budget 2015: Palaszczuk Labor government’s economic plan forecasts surplus, flags superannuation changes.
  • Amy Remeikis reported, “Treasurer Curtis Pitt has set out a debt reduction plan, which will see the public servant super fund help pay down the state’s debt, while potentially also funding future commitments. Having already announced its plan to shift $4.1 billion off the general government debt books onto that of the government-owned corporations, Mr Pitt plans on saving the state another $3.4 billion by changing the way it funds entitlements, particularly long-service leave, for public servants. Since the 1990s, the government has funded long service leave as a central investment allocation.”: Queensland Budget 2015: Public servant super funds to pay down debt.
  • Amy Remeikis reported, “In the lead-up to his first budget Curtis Pitt promised to under-promise and over-deliver. What he handed down was a budget for politicians; a plan that allows Labor to stave off attacks from the Opposition but includes little that would impact the lives of average Queenslanders. Cost of living neither goes up or down. Debt levels are shifted from one set of books to the other, but only slightly decreased over all.”: Queensland Budget 2015: No sprinkles for ‘vanilla’ budget.
Shane Doherty reported: Palaszczuk Govt's first budget asset sales by stealth claims Springborg.

Shane Doherty reported: Palaszczuk Govt’s first budget asset sales by stealth claims Springborg.

Coal revenue to dwindle

  • Joshua Robertson reported, “The Queensland government will make almost as much money from motor vehicle registrations as from coal royalties this financial year, state budget papers reveal. The papers also show the contribution of the fast-growing export industry, based on coal seam gas, is expected to remain less than 1% of total state government revenue in five years time.”: Queensland budget papers reveal plummeting revenue from coal.

Infrastructure – Redlands Bay

  • Judith Kerr reported, “Major items delivered for Capalaba include $637,000 ($2.6 million over four years) for child safety out-of-home care placement services. Support services for vulnerable Queenslanders will receive $212,000 with $87,000 for Seniors Community connections funding. In-home disability services will receive $909,000 and new Disability Services will get $15.5million. Capalaba Water Treatment Plant Upgrade will receive $6.46 million (over four years) and the Alexandra Hills Reservoir upgrade, $960,000 million (over four years). Redland City Council’s Redland Home Assist Secure will get $571,000. Public Housing Construction Programs will get $2.4 million (over four years) for the completion of 10 dwellings and $1.4 million (over four years) for six new public housing dwellings. Homelessness support services will receive $367,000 and there will be a recommitment of $100,000 for Redlands Rugby Union lighting upgrade at Judy Holt Recreation Reserve. The state will install traffic signals at the intersection of Birkdale Road, Daveson Road and Jones Road with an allocation of $650,000. Byng Road and Birkdale Road intersection will be upgraded with an allocation of $192,000. Energex Cleveland Substation Upgrade: $2.1 million ($9.1 million total project cost).”: Capalaba MP Don Brown welcomes Treasurer Pitt’s first budget.

Infrastructure – Toowoomba

  • The Chronicle reported, “The Toowoomba Second Range Crossing is the big ticket item in the $1.9 billion State Budget spend. Infrastructure will get the lion’s share of Treasurer Curtis Pitt’s gift for the Darling Downs region, which includes Toowoomba, Warwick, Stanthorpe and Dalby.”: Toowoomba Bypass big winner in $1.9b State Budget.

(July 13, 2015) – Pre-budget eve

Merging electricity providers

  • Tony Moore reported, “Treasurer Curtis Pitt will in Tuesday’s state budget outline Labor’s plan to merge government-owned electricity utilities Ergon, Energex and Powerlink and boost their solar energy profile. On Friday Mr Pitt said he would detail how Labor believed the revamped, merged-entities could drive new investment in solar energy.”: Queensland Budget 2015: Pitt to outline electricity merger plans.

LNP blames Labor for Barrett Centre suicides

  • Kathy McLeish reported, “The Opposition has defended the former Newman government’s actions over the closure of the Barrett Adolescent Centre in Brisbane, with the Queensland Government announcing a commission of inquiry into the matter. The inquiry would investigate the previous LNP government’s closure of the centre and the subsequent deaths of three high-risk teenagers, the State Government announced on the weekend. The $9.5-million inquiry was an election promise made by Labor the day after ABC TVs 7.30 Queensland program revealed government documents warned of potential deaths if the centre was closed, and of the need for alternative care options.”: Labor made original decision to close Brisbane’s Barrett Adolescent Centre, Queensland Opposition says.

(July 12, 2015) – Springborg to appear in the dock

Coronial inquiry into three teenager suicide deaths

  • Kathy McLeish reported, “A commission of inquiry will investigate the previous Queensland government’s closure of the Barrett Adolescent Centre in Brisbane, and the subsequent deaths of three high-risk teenagers, the State Government has announced. The $9.5-million inquiry was an election promise made by Labor the day after the ABC’s 7.30 Queensland program revealed government documents warned of potential deaths if the centre was closed, and of the need for alternative care options. The Barrett Centre was the state’s only long-term residential mental health facility for adolescents at risk of suicide. When the Newman government closed the centre in January 2014, it promised other services would be there. Within eight months, three former patients were dead.”: Queensland launches inquiry into LNP’s closure of Barrett Adolescent Centre for teens with mental illness.
  • Tony Moore reported, “Tuesday’s budget contains $9.5 million for an inquiry into three suicides of troubled teenagers from the former Barrett Centre, controversially closed by the previous LNP state government in January 2014.”: Qld Budget 2015: Barrett Centre suicides probed.

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